Redmi Note 11T Pro could be Xiaomi’s last phone with LCD screen

Launched at the end of May this year, the Redmi Note 11T Pro could be Xiaomi’s last LCD-equipped phone. The information comes from the group’s own executive, Zhang Yu, in a publication on Wednesday (3).

The post is in line with recent reports, which indicate the Chinese manufacturer’s intentions to gradually eliminate the use of LCD displays in its devices, with the switch to OLED.

Despite the change of material for the better, the news would not have been received with complete excitement from the brand’s fans. This is because the adoption of superior material in panels should mean an increase in the price of products.

The president of Xiaomi China, Lu Weibing, has already reinforced that the principles of OLED and LCD screens are distinct. In addition, many features applicable to the former cannot be inserted into the latter – and the industry has turned to OLED lately.

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Even so, the LCD display used in the Redmi Note 11T Pro has been customized to offer above-average quality. It received the DisplayMate A+ rating and became the first high refresh rate display – 144 Hz – to be awarded this certification.

From now on, the trend is that the next models will not continue with this material. However, there is still no confirmation that this will become a reality from now on or what will be the brand’s next smartphone to apply OLED definitively.

What would you think of this replacement of the type of displays on Xiaomi devices for the future? Share with us your opinion!

The Redmi Note 11T Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

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