Remember Winamp? Multimedia app returns after 4 years; check details

Remember Winamp?  Multimedia app returns after 4 years;  check details

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Before we even imagined a world with Spotify or Deezer, there was Winamp. The popular player among Windows users was a hit: it could have its own custom look, rip music from CDs and create playlists.

Despite having fallen out of favor with the arrival of new technologies, now it’s back: developers launchedon July 26, the 5.9 RC1 version of the millennial darling.

In all, there were 4 years of development, with some hiatuses forced by the pandemic. The interface remains very similar to the original – very characteristic of the 2000s. What changes is the code base, which moved from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2019 – obviously with many more features, which are being added little by little.

This version of Winamp also no longer supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and earlier versions. It works on newer versions since Windows 7 SP1 – that is, it is 100% compatible with Windows 11.

Download released

Yes, the new version of Winamp is now available! To download, just access this page. The website Bleeping Computer warned that some antiviruses are detecting the link as “malicious software”, but in reality it is a false positive.

Did you manage to download? Now it’s time to customize your new favorite player and immerse yourself in a nostalgic experience.

Remember: this is not the final version of Winamp, but “Realse Candidate” – that is, it is not yet ready for general public deployment and may change during use.

The final version promises support for .opus formats (like WhatsApp audios, for example) and .ogv and .ogm files. Other formats are TS, H.265, HLS and VP9, ​​as well as support for online services.

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