Rodrigo Hilbert stars in campaign for a new technological and sustainable venture in Camboriú

The Parque Camboriú project, recently launched on the coast of Santa Catarina, which will work on artistic innovations and strategies linked to sustainability, announces Rodrigo Hilbert as an image for the dissemination of sustainable residential. The businessman and model is the presenter of the programs Tempero De Família and Bem Juntinhos, on the GNT channel, of Grupo Globo.

The choice of one of the most influential artists in Brazil, a native of Santa Catarina, who values ​​healthy choices, as well as sustainable urban mobility, were key pieces to unite the useful with the pleasant, in which Hilbert strengthens the DNA of Parque Camboriú.

The main focus is to innovate and bring technological solutions for sustainability, for the appreciation of art and for the improvement of people’s lives. All these are concepts present in the enterprise, key competences to boost the purpose of improving environmental and social well-being indexes and reducing waste.

For the presenter, the project is more than a real estate project, it is a call to those who want to change their lives and seek balance. “Parque Camboriú is our home integrated with the best we have inside us. Its bio living involves the highest technology protecting the forest in the middle of the city, everything we need to feel our life in full lungs”, comments Rodrigo Hilbert.

First residential with biophilic design

After the success of PZ Ecomall, the first sustainable gastronomic mall in Santa Catarina opened in January 2021 in Balneário Camboriú (SC), the sustainable residential building Parque Camboriú, in the city of Camboriú, SC, will use sustainable options for materials and processes in the work. , will have the largest vertical garden in Santa Catarina and a biophilic design, architecture that preaches a connection between human beings and nature.

Increasingly, there is an interest in places farther away from the noise and stress of large urban centers and a bet on sustainable constructions. It is a movement that can be observed in other cities such as New York and São Paulo. In these centers there is an appreciation of urbanism and experience in gardens, backyards or environments in the midst of nature.

Find out more about Camboriú Park

Parque Camboriú will have three 25-story towers and a leisure area of ​​15,000 m². It will bring together dozens of indoor leisure attractions, as well as connected with nature. Another attraction will be PZ Ecomall, a gastronomic environment with a select menu for residents and the local community, similar to the existing unit in Balneário Camboriú (SC). The space will also have an art museum with works, sensory experiences and mapped projections.

About PZ Empreendimentos and Organa EcoEmpreendimentos

PZ Empreendimentos and Organa EcoEmpreendimentos are companies concerned with social and sustainable development. Both follow the governance model that protects the investments made by shareholders, focusing on transparency, the fiscal council and corporate conduct. In January 2021, PZ Empreendimentos and Organa EcoEmpreendimentos delivered PZ Ecomall, the first sustainable gastronomic mall in Santa Catarina, located in Balneário Camboriú (SC) that combines leisure, gastronomy and art. In June 2022, it presented the developer’s first residential building in the city of Camboriú, SC.

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