Sass praises Cruzeiro and says Itair was a good manager, but ‘persuasive’

Sass Forward
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Forward Sass played for Cruzeiro between 2017 and 2021

Striker for Cruzeiro between 2017 and 2021, Sass extolled the greatness of the celestial club and talked about his relationship with Itair Machado, former vice president of Raposa. In an interview for the channel Youtube Charla Podcast‘, this Friday (5), the player said that the manager was a good manager, but ‘persuasive’.

“Itair was (a good manager) for me. I don’t have much to say about Itair, no. He’s a good conversationalist. Itair was a damn persuasive guy. I don’t have much to talk about with him, but what happened there, difficult to say”, said the centre-forward.

After serving Botafogo, Sass joined Cruzeiro in 2017, aged 23. For the celestial team, he lived his peak in the 2018 Copa Libertadores, being the top scorer of the celestial team in the competition, with five goals, alongside Thiago Neves.

“I arrived in 2017. In Libertadores 2018, I was in a very good phase. A great team. In the phase I spent there, we won titles of expression. BH is a very good city. A team that welcomed me very well. Unfortunately, , at the end of the year (2019), things happened that everyone already knows. But I keep it with great affection”, said the striker.

For Cruzeiro, Sass won two Campeonato Mineiro (2018 and 2019) and two Copa do Brasil (2017 and 2018). Despite the achievements, the player experienced the worst moment in the club’s history, the relegation of 2019. In total, for the celestials, there were 92 matches and 20 goals scored.

punch and punishment

One of the most remembered episodes in the history of the clash between Cruzeiro and Palmeiras is the fight in the return game of the 2018 Copa do Brasil semifinals, in Mineiro. In the confusion, the attacker Sass, who was defending the Raposa, punched the side Mayke, from Verdo.

The fight started on the stadium lawn, after the end of the match, which ended in a 1-1 tie. Angry with the refereeing and the elimination for Cruzeiro, the Palmeiras players went for the celestial athletes, who retaliated. Kicked out for the punch, Sass got a six-game suspension.

“Dude, the game is over. We won. Then that argument started, hold, pull, take it or don’t take it. Until we were in that, hot blood. Then Mayke passed by punching Lo. Then I gave him a band. When I kicked him out, he staggered and came towards me. It was like, action and reaction. Either me or him. Sass.

“But it was because of the VAR. Put it in slow motion, it looks like it was like an ox. But I got 12 games of suspension. I was out of the final. the Copa do Brasil paying a way of money. It harmed me in everything. (…) I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to him. I have no contact. I’ve spoken in other interviews. I apologized”, he added.

Due to suspension, Sass was left out of the final of the Copa do Brasil, won by Cruzeiro. The celestial team won the sixth championship after defeating Corinthians 1-0, in Mineiro, and 2-1 at Arena Corinthians, in So Paulo.

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