See 3 Chrome Extensions That Will Help You!

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In the search for good browsers, Google Chrome is the one that stands out the most among Internet users, especially for providing an easy and super fast experience. In addition, it is packed with tools such as extensions. Through them, it is possible to block ads, correct spelling errors, watch group movies and much more.

For those looking for productivity, it is also possible to use the best google chrome extensions to become a machine. Discover some of them below.

One of the best Google Chrome extensions is Dualless

A lot of people know how much two or more monitors can increase productivity, but not everyone has access to it. Fortunately, Dualless can help those who only have one screen.

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Through this extension it is possible to split your browser windows in two and adjust the proportion of each one in your own way. So you can leave a notebook or document on one side while you search with the other.


Needing to measure time spent on activities and understand how much you invest in each task? Well, Clockify can fit like a glove. For free, the extension can track how much time you spend on each activity on your computer screen, in addition to providing a timesheet, calendar, etc.

Just download and enjoy the service that can be integrated with the most diverse devices, such as phone, tablet and desktop.

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Nothing worse than starting a project as an article and having thousands of tabs open, right? After all, as they are not organized, they can greatly disrupt the flow of productivity.

In these cases, Workona is an excellent extension option. With it, you can open different tabs, but organize them in workspaces, which allows an organized control of the tabs in a very elegant interface. This is all for free.

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