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Athletico-PR forced, but did not leave the 0-0 with Estudiantes in a game valid for the first leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals, played this night inside the Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR).

The match was marked by a controversy involving a penalty for Paraná in the 1st half. Referee of the game, Jesús Valenzuela even signaled a hand on the ball by Godoy in Cuello’s header, but was called by Julio Bascuñan, responsible for VAR, and annulled the decision.

In the final stage, a goal by defender Thiago Heleno after a cross by Khellven was also invalidated after the intervention of the video referee, who caught the side’s offside.

Arbitration aside, the team coached by Luiz Felipe Scolari lacked aim. The team wasted several chances to score, especially in the second half, amid attempts both in the dead ball and in kicks from outside the area.

The teams return to the field to decide the spot in the semifinals of the continental tournament next Thursday (11), from 21:30 (Brasília time), in La Plata. Whoever passes the stage faces the winner of Palmeiras x Atlético-MG.

Before that, Athletico faces Atlético-MG, on Sunday (7), in a game of the Brazilian Championship. The Argentines also have a commitment over the weekend and face San Lorenzo for the Argentine Championship.

Best: Khelven

Quite driven, the young side of Athletico stood out and, with accurate crosses, was the main player to create scoring chances for the home team. Khellven, who participated in both the penalty and the disallowed goal, was still close to scoring in stoppage time, missing that he passed close to Andújar’s goal.

The worst: Pablo

The striker could not stand out in front of the Argentine defenders and, at the beginning of the 2nd half, he was replaced by Vitor Roque – to the relief of the Paraná fans, who had been asking for shirt 5 to leave since the break.

Argentines at home?

The beginning of the match was marked by the strong rhythm imposed by the two teams, who gave up “studying the opponent” and engaged in good offensive moves.

Castro finishes the goal defended by Bento at the beginning of Athletico x Estudiantes - Robson Mafra/AGIF - Robson Mafra/AGIF

Castro finishes the goal saved by Bento at the start of Athletico vs Estudiantes

Image: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Even away from home, the Argentines arrived with more danger. At five minutes, Castro received a throw in infiltration and hit the net outside the goal of the Paraná – the bid was invalidated for offside.

In the 16th minute, Estudiantes almost opened the scoring through one of their strengths: the high ball. In a corner taken by Zuqui, defender Lollo rose higher than anyone else and headed firmly. Bento performed a miracle and palmed it.

After almost pressure from the visitors, the game started to gain a greater number of fouls and tough tackles between Brazilians and Argentines.

The first to be warned by the referee Jesús Valenzuela was the midfielder Fernandinho, who hit Rodríguez with his elbow and received a yellow card. Shortly afterwards, Lollo fouled Canobbio from behind, but it ended with only a verbal warning.

Penalty is awarded, but VAR kicks in

In the 24th minute, Athletico even had a penalty scored by Valenzuela. The winger Khellven made a long shot towards Cuello and, to avoid the goal kick, the forward headed towards the middle of the area. With the deflection, the ball hit Godoy’s left arm.

Quickly, the referee signaled the penalty, but was called by VAR, commanded by Julio Bascuñan, to review the bid.

After analyzing in the booth, the referee annulled the appointment and infuriated the fans present at the Arena da Baixada.

Scares on dead balls

Even with the penalty cancelled, Athletico didn’t get discouraged, started to take charge of the game and attacked, mainly in dead balls, the opponent before the break.

The Brazilians had at least three scares to Estudiantes in free kicks: first, Khellven forced Andújar to work. Then Terans sent over the goal. In the 40th minute, it was Cuello’s turn to hit and, after deflecting the barrier, see the Argentine goalkeeper make another save.

Canobbio tries to make the move in Athletico x Estudiantes, Libertadores quarterfinal game - Robson Mafra/AGIF - Robson Mafra/AGIF

Canobbio tries to make the move in Athletico x Estudiantes, Libertadores quarterfinal game

Image: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Offensive mistakes and changes by Felipão

Athetico returned to the 2nd half more “out of calibration”: in just 15 minutes, Cuello, Terans and Hugo Moura took risks from medium distance, but missed the target.

The Argentine response came in a counterattack, and Piatti almost scored from cover after Bento went out of the goal to stifle a shot.

Amidst the errors in the submissions, Felipão heard the crowd and changed the team: Pablo and Terans gave way, respectively, to Vitor Roque and rookie Alex Santana. Soon after, two more exchanges: Vitinho and Léo Cittadini entered the vacancies of Canobbio and Hugo Moura. Meanwhile, Rollheiser replaced Piatti at Estudiantes.

Luiz Felipe Scolari, aka Felipão, gestures with Athletico players during a game against Estudiantes - Robson Mafra/AGIF - Robson Mafra/AGIF

Luiz Felipe Scolari, aka Felipão, gestures with Athletico players during a game against Estudiantes

Image: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Brazilian pressure with a Khellven touch

The substitutions made Athletico faster and more dangerous. In the 27th minute, Khellven took a free-kick and Fernandinho deflected it diagonally. Defender Pedro Henrique, already in the small area, could not direct the header and sent it out.

A minute later, it was Léo Cittadini’s turn to squander another cross made just right by Khellven – the full-back himself took a risk from outside the area and won a corner shortly after. In the charge, Fernandinho sent over Andújar’s goal.

The pressure from the home team, always with attacks from the right and with Khellven activated, triggered the ball into the net.

The 21-year-old athlete, in a neat cross, hit Thiago Heleno in the head, who tested towards the back of the goal. Despite the party, the play was annulled by the side’s offside.

Khellven was one of the highlights of Athletico in the match against Estudiantes - Robson Mafra/AGIF - Robson Mafra/AGIF

Khellven was one of the highlights of Athletico in the match against Estudiantes

Image: Robson Mafra/AGIF

last attempts

In stoppage time, Khellven, in front of Andújar’s goal, startled the Argentines with a shot that went very close to the crossbar.

The answer came with striker Pellegrino, who came in for Mauro Méndez and almost scored the net for Estudiantes in the final bid. The score, however, was not changed until the final whistle.


Athletico-PR 0x0 Students
Reason: Libertadores quarterfinals
Date: August 4, 2022
Place: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)
Hour: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Jesus Valenzuela (VEN)
Assistants: Jorge Urrego (VEN) and Tulio Moreno (VEN)
Video Referee (VAR): Julio Bascuñan (CHI)
Yellow cards: Fernandinho (ATH), Hugo Moura (ATH), Piatti (EST), Rogel (EST), Castro (EST), Más (EST)
red cards: there was not
goals: there was not

Athletic: Benedict; Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner; Hugo Moura (Léo Cittadini), Fernandinho and Terans (Alex Santana); Cuello (Romulo), Canobbio (Vitinho) and Pablo (Vitor Roque). Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Students: Andújar; Leo Godoy, Rogel, Morel, Lollo and Mas; Castro, Zuqui (Nehuén Paz), Rodríguez and Pablo Piatti (Rollheiser); Mauro Mendez (Pellegrino). Coach: Ricardo Zielinski.

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