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Serie B 2022 will have next Friday (5) the confrontation between teams from both ends of the table. Guarani and Grêmio face each other for the 22nd round of the competition, at 9:30 pm, at the Earring of Gold Princess Stadium, in Campinas. The visionary Astral Luna made predictions, on July 26, about how the match between the two teams will be and encouraged the Grêmio fans.

Check out what the psychic said about the duel between Guarani x Grêmio

What the fortune teller saw in the forecast was a worrying match for Bugre, with one of the teams out of balance in the team from Campinas. Losses, wear and tear and few opportunities created at home by the Guarani team were also predicted by Luna.

It will be a difficult and tense match for both sides, however, according to the visionary, the duel between Guarani x Grêmio will be successful for Tricolor Gaúcho.

Pair of players will decide

In the predictions about Grêmio in the match next Friday (5), against Guarani, Luna said he saw a moment of superiority of the team from Rio Grande do Sul, but that can be harmed within its own strategy. The fortune teller also said that a team of Grêmio players will decide the match. Roger Machado’s team will have a very positive match with the team emotionally.

Embezzlement, suspensions and reinforcements at Grêmio

Due to injury, Grêmio have Kannemann and Ferreira out. The midfielder Bitello fulfills suspension against Guarani. The suspended players are still defenders Pedro Geromel and Rodrigues. Two of the new reinforcements should start the match as starters, Lucas Leiva and Guilherme. Thaciano is new in the squad for the confrontation next Friday (5).

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