Selena Gomez says she misses performing live

Despite making musical releases, Selena Gomez it’s been a while off the stage. His last tour was the “Revival Tour” in 2016. Also, the “Revival Tour” erarevelation” had no live performance. Previously, the disclosure of “rare” had a single performance at the American Music Awards. But don’t think she doesn’t miss it. She does, yes!

In an interview with Elle, she said she misses the warmth of the public.

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Selena Gomez spoke on the subject:

“I haven’t been able to perform for a long time. It’s been really, really hard because I feel so disconnected from people, but they keep me moving. Even when I’m having a hard time on tour, they definitely keep me going and make me so happy, and I feel like I never know what I’ve done to deserve it, but I’m so lucky.”

When will she return to the stage to feel that human warmth, huh?

Selena Gomez praises Doja Cat

one thing that Selena Gomez likes to value is the union between women. Competition is something she has taken out of her life.

Honestly, she confesses that she was once competitive. “When I was younger, I was terrible at it. Oh my God, I couldn’t control it. I compared myself to every person who ever existed for a while. I have no idea why. Guess I just wanted to be someone else besides myself“, remember.

After all, she worked internally and that feeling changed. “Obviously, I’ve worked a lot on myself, and that’s not necessarily what brings me down, but I have to say that I believe there is this new wave, a generation where it’s not about competing with another woman.“, said.

she quotes doja cat as an example of an artist who values ​​her colleagues: “I meet people like Doja Cat who is an artist and one of her songs, the whole thing is talking about how she encourages women and how she loves women and how they should be who they want to be. And I see a lot of people who are in my pop culture neighborhood, and that’s slowly changing. I feel it is. It’s been great to see“, he reflects.

I only received support from women in the industry. I’ve never felt attacked or like I’m against anyone, so I’m very lucky. But when I was younger, that’s when people were a little meaner and more careless, so I guess so, a little more when I was younger.“, he added.

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