Snake wraps itself in dog’s snout and owner calls specialist to remove it | biodiversity

Ireland was called by the animal’s owner, distressed, and resolved the situation calmly and carefully. He quickly gained the dog’s trust and managed to remove the snake. Then he gives the dog a cookie, to reward him for his effort, and for his fright.

The images, which can be seen in this link, already have more than 3 million views and received almost 3 thousand comments. One of the users of the social network, surprised by the dog’s calm, said that her dog would certainly be turning his head madly, trying to get rid of the reptile. Another comment states: I was happy to see how well he treats both animals.

Snake Wranglers are a small group of volunteers who capture unwanted snakes that enter people’s homes and take them to suitable spots in the wild where they can live in good condition.

According to the Animal Emergency Center (AEC), dogs and snakes do not usually fraternize harmoniously. “Dogs tend to be fascinated by snakes because they really look like a battery-powered toy! But an interaction between a snake and a dog often ends badly, often for the snake – but in some situations, an encounter with a snake can end up very bad for the dog,” reads a statement on the entity’s website.

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