TBT #188 | Eleven Men and a Secret (2002, Steven Soderbergh)

Eleven men and a secret is today’s TBT’s chosen film and is a remake of a 60’s feature film. Steven Soderbergh and features an all-star cast led by George Clooney.


Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is a crook just out of jail and already wants to put a big plan in motion: to rob three casinos at once.

For this, he recruits a team of ten men, forming an incredible team for such a feat that still has a plus: trying to bring Tess (Julia Roberts) back into your arms.


Eleven Men and a Secret was a film that marked my childhood, because, in addition to bringing great stars to almost a Hollywood crossover, it still had a completely cool aura that recalled the great moments of works like 007 in a mixture with heist movies.

Such a memory is given by the incredible aesthetics, with a Las Vegas full of energy, an impeccable soundtrack that brought Elvis and so many other hits, in addition to an engaging story and, above all, characters that are extremely charismatic and attractive to the public.

Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle and all the others are magnetic and work very well in their roles. For the current generation, which rightly has a wake-up call on issues we weren’t aware of at the time, The Great’s Eleven might sound sexist, since Tess is an object of covetousness on the part of Danny and terry benedict (Andy Garcia), who become rivals as magnetic as Moriarty and Sherlock. As much as Roberts is fine, as usual, her role is greatly diminished because of the script that places her as a prize.

The formation of a team of specialists that fits like a glove and the presentation of the plan with all the difficulties and well-executed assembly by Steven Soderbergh are the icing on the cake to make everything work. As idiotic as each expert may seem, he will always have a super important and essential function for everything to work. A specific scene in which they look at each other and don’t say anything, with faces of satisfaction, wins the viewer even more because we feel the task accomplished together with them, a merit of the technical team.

The feature is fun and manages to make us captivated by the various twists and brilliant insights of the script that, despite having some usual conveniences, works very well with performances and a very sharp direction that knew very well what he was doing and that is still a reference today. in the heist film subgenre.


eleven men and a secret

Eleven Men and a Secret is a class in how to cast a cast! Its breathtaking aesthetics and pace are an ode to anyone looking for a work of pure entertainment with actors determined to deliver iconic moments.


Check out the trailer for 11 Men and a Secret:

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