Tencent: Chinese giant is interested in buying a large part of Ubisoft

Tencent, the world’s largest video game company, full owner of Riot Games and shareholder of several other developers, is about to make a big investment in Ubisoft.

According to Reuters, the Chinese giant, which currently already owns 5% of the Assassin’s Creed publisher, is looking for a bigger stake in the company and “has contacted the Guillemot family, founders of the company, to show their interest to increase investment in the company”.

Since the announcement of the sale of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft, rumors began to circulate that other large developers could also be sold to other owners. Although Ubisoft has stated that it is open to sales proposals, many believed that Sony would be the one who could make the purchase, but it seems, Tencent is the one who could end up “buying the company”.

Currently, Ubisoft is valued at $5.3 billion. Although Reuters does not know how much value Tencent intends to invest in the company’s shares, it appears that they are interested in becoming majority partners, which would make it difficult for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo to buy.

The Guillemot family, including CEO Yves, owns 15% of Ubisoft. Three of the Reuters sources say that Tencent is interested in buying that part of the company, which would cause the Guillemots to be removed from the helm.

So far, Tencente or Ubisoft has not commented on the matter.

It is worth remembering that this would be a stratospheric negotiation for the video game industry, especially given that Tencent is a Chinese company and that many western bodies try to stop its growth.

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