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THE Proof of love what a Thai woman wants to do for her husband caught the attention of many people for an unusual reason: she is recruiting three women to be lovers of the man and promises to pay a salary of BRL 2.2 thousand for each one. In addition, she revealed some rules that must be followed by “job” candidates.

In an interview with newspaper “The Mirror”, 44-year-old Pattheema Chamnan, from Thailand, told the reasons that led her to look for women to “please her husband physically”. She said she has mental health issues and, as a result, is unable to sexually satisfy her partner, identified as Pattagorn.

“I haven’t slept with my husband. It makes me feel like a terrible wife,” lamented Pattheema.

So, she said that she came up with the idea of ​​“hiring” the mistresses who can meet Pattagorn’s sexual needs. “I want to find lovers for my husband as I am struggling physically. I have chronic depression and I feel like I can’t take good care of him,” she said.

But to accept the job, candidates need to meet certain requirements, such as being young and single; have a university degree; not having children; be presentable; communicate well; have a good personality; be fun and be willing to please the man physically.

And Pattheema revealed that she already has two candidates for the position. In addition to the salary, the chosen ones will be “treated like family” and work in a company that belongs to the couple.

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The husband said he had no idea his wife was soliciting lovers for him and was surprised. “She told me she wanted to find someone to take care of me. I got scared,” he revealed.

“I never wanted to have a mistress, but since my wife is offering it, I won’t turn it down,” Pattagorn said.


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