The fortune that Santos will pay to have the most controversial player in Corinthians

Santos Flag
Santos Flag

O saints announced that it has reached an agreement with the Corinthians to count on the attacking midfielder luanin the intention of the beach club, the hiring will be on loan with the alvinegro club Paulista, paying all the player’s salaries while working in the Vila Belmiro. Today reinforcements however will not stop only at luan the village already has another player in mind.

The deal began to unravel when the presidents of Corinthians and saints, Duílio Monteiro and André Rueda, met to discuss the possibility of Luan playing for Neymar’s old team. Ô player arrives to be the false 9 requested by Lisca since he took charge of Santos, part of the press sees it as the last chance to luan return to the good football of the times of Grêmio.

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2 factors were fundamental to the saints welcome the arrival of luan: the first is the age factor, the striker is 29 years old and has already shown that he may be able to regain good football in addition to that luan was not being related by the coach Victor Pereira of Corinthianswhich accelerated his departure from the club.

To the saints, luan it’s actually a bet by the board that believes that lisca can get the player back. luan has been tossed aside since the arrival of Portuguese Victor Pereira which revealed a certain discomfort on both sides and motivated the Corinthians seeking to negotiate the player, however, without success as he has one of the highest salaries in the squad

Argentine target is Lisca’s special request

The Vila’s coach, Lisca, recommended to the Santos leaders the hiring of the holder of the Argentine juniors, Gabriel Carabajal who has a contract with the club from Argentina until December 2025. The player has in 2022 around 29 games, 26 as a starter, 3 goals and 2 assists and has been one of the main highlights of the Argentine championship.

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