The Marvels has external recording with “kittens” and simulation of a spaceship coming ~ Marvel Universe 616

Twitter user @moonvaIkyrie shared new photos at Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan in New York City, where filming was taking place for Marvel Studios’ The Marvels. While it’s unclear what was being filmed here, the film appears to be utilizing the New York set with the Statue of Liberty nearby.

Cosmic Circus went further and confirmed these details, also adding that there were scenes with kittens and at least one adult-sized cat present for filming. This could indicate the return of the first Captain Marvel’s Flerkens, a species represented by Carol Danvers’ Goose.

“[…] a staff member is doing something with a ball used for visual effects, near what appears to be at least an adult-sized “cat” and possibly some kittens. It’s hard to make out the markings on the “cat”, but it doesn’t appear to be the Goose from Captain Marvel. But considering this movie is the sequel to Captain Marvel, it seems very likely that this fan-favorite character, a Flerken, will make an appearance again. Could this cat/Flerken or kittens be descendants of Goose? I don’t know why another ordinary “cat” and his “kittens” would be playing in the park in the middle of this movie! With the production brandishing a big silver ball of special effects around them, nothing more! To be clear, these are not real cats on set, the anonymous observer […] saw no real cats there. They appear to be animatronics or stuffed cats that will be replaced by real ones with visual effects later.”

The site was also told that the large fans seen on set were likely simulating the arrival of some sort of hovercraft or spacecraft, which would be added in post-production. A marked area on the set supported this, outlining where the vehicle would have landed. Cosmic Circus speculated that the scene could involve the Flerkens being dropped off or picked up by the mysterious craft.

Crew members were also seen filming near a bronze statue called Ape and Cat (At the Dance) by artist Jim Dune, so it’s possible a scene could take place with her. An image of the statue can be seen below:

New York City has remained a constant venue for Marvel Studios film happenings, most recently seen in projects like Hawkeye, Spider-Man: No Return Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Now, she will be used in the second Captain Marvel movie as the Cosmic Avenger story continues.

The Marvels will bring together the heroes Carol Danvers of Brie Larson and Monica Rambeau of Teyonah Parris and Kamala Khan of Iman Vellani, respectively Captain Marvel, Photon and Ms Marvel. There are also the names already linked to the sequel by Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon. Other than that, rumors are that Lashana Lynch, Jude Law and Shamier Anderson would also be in the film. The film is directed by Nia DaCosta and has a screenplay by Megan McDonnell. The theatrical release is scheduled for February 17, 2023.


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