“They are playing a lot”; Gustavo Scarpa leaves the club and surrenders to Dorival Júnior’s star in Flamengo


The Palmeiras midfielder opened the game about what he thinks of the holder of the Gávea team

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  Scarpa surrenders to Flamengo's titleholder
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | Scarpa surrenders to Flamengo’s titleholder

In the view of part of the press, Palmeiras and Flamengo have the strongest teams in Brazil at the moment. Featured players are spread across both rosters. Raphael Veiga, Gustavo Scarpa, Dudu, Gustavo Gómez and Danilo, among others, on the green side. Arrascaeta, Gabigol, Pedro, Everton Ribeiro and João Gomes, in addition to reinforcements, on the red-black side.

In recent years, including The rivalry between the teams grew. In April 2021, Alviverde was runner-up for the Most Beloved in the Supercopa do Brasil. Afterwards, the Carioca Club ended up taking the worst in the great decision of Conmebol Libertadores. This year, both can once again duel in the final of the main tournament in the Americas.

Nationally, Fla is campaigning for recovery after the departure of Paulo Sousa, who left the team in pieces for Dorival Júnior to take over. The coach has managed to restore some of the characteristics of that champion squadbeing able to count on the holders again at a high level.

Scarpa knows what’s on in Rio de Janeiro and insisted on surrendering to Arrascaeta football. In post from TNT Sports (@tntsportsbr) on Instagram, the “shirt 14” were mentioned and one reacted to the other. Today, the duo is seen as the best formed by midfielders today.

Gustavo Scarpa and Arrascaeta they are the same age and the same number on the shirt, but they are divided by the 4 cm in height that the palmeirense takes advantage of, they tap with alternate feet and are evaluated differently. With one foot in the Premier League, the former Fluminense is valued at 7.7 million euros; the Uruguayan by 15.5 million euros.

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