Thor 4 Director Discusses Hercules’ Future After Film

Thor 4 Director Talks About Hercules’ Future After Marvel Movie

Played by the Emmy winner, Brett Goldsteinand inserted into a post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunderthe future of Hercules after film is still anyone’s guess, and director talks about.

Among the various adventures of the Thunder God of marvel studios lived by Chris Hemsworth in his new movie, the hero had to stop Zeus (Russell Crowe), which certainly provoked the wrath of the divine figure, even leaving open, that his so powerful son, must be a great rival of the son of Odin in the future of the universe.

Although he claims not to know about what is to come in detail for Hercules after Thor: Love and Thunderin a question and answer session, the director Taika Waititi guarantees that the character must be responsible for “start a whole new thing” to the MCU (via The Direct).

“[…] Well, I know he’s opening up a whole new thing, which I won’t be invited to be a part of, but I’m happy for everyone who loves Greek gods.”

With the direction of Waititi, the fourth film of the God of Thunder also with other names in its cast, including Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale and more, plus Hemsworth leading the cast.

At the moment, Thor: Love and Thunder remains in theaters.

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