Tiago Nunes compares Luan to Ganso and praises new Santos reinforcement

Luan and Tiago Nunes at work at Corinthians (Credit: Daniel Augusto Jr/Ag. Corinthians)

Coach Tiago Nunes, participating in the ESPN Review, talked about striker Luan, announced as a new reinforcement of Santos on Friday afternoon Both worked together at Corinthians in 2020.

“Lan is an extremely professional guy. And if it wasn’t, I would say, I have no problem in that sense. I don’t have a comma to talk about Luan in terms of his posture in his day to day training. He is a guy who does exactly what is asked. All jobs. He doesn’t miss training, he trains with a swollen ankle, he’s a guy who doesn’t miss training. He is exemplary in terms of conduct. What is difficult perhaps to understand is the characteristic of the player. He has a physical characteristic that he is never going to be fast, he is never going to be fast,” he said.

Nunes also compared the athlete with midfielder Paulo Henrique Ganso, revealed by Santos. The Fish last year tried to repatriate Goose.

“I see him very similar to Goose and Jean Pyerre. Guys who are very technical, who have a very good short game. But, he is not that guy who will catch a ball and build the pass close to the steering wheel there in the region of the big circle, the ball will burst through the side and he will jump into the area and score the goal, like the guy that enters, that spearhead. It won’t do that, it’s not his physical characteristic. And in that winning Grêmio, what was the characteristic of Grêmio? It was a team that played the ball a lot”, he added.

The attraction presented by André Plihal will be the exclusive highlight of the ESPN channel and the STAR+ platform this Friday (05), at 10 pm, with the participation of Djalminha and Silas.

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