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They can be long, like the 30 years of “Back to the Future” or the 33-year cycles of the cult German series “Dark”. Or also just being slight temporal loops (time spirals) that last a day, a nap or a death, as in the comedy “Spell of Time” or in the fiction “Arq”.

When we talk about time travel, there is also the teen series “Paper Girls”, one of the main Prime Video bets of the year.

Speaking of which, for those who follow the streams, the novelty is a new layout for Prime Video — which visually looks better, and technically looks the same… for now.

See the list of productions that tie a knot in the natural course of time. Ah, let’s leave the metaverses out this time…


In a near future with scarcity of natural resources, a man has his house invaded by a terrorist group that is after his credits (money), but he is also interested in the strange machine called “Arq”, capable of producing unlimited energy. When trying to escape, the boy dies, but wakes up again the same morning. Gradually he discovers that the machine is responsible for the time loop. The film is a Canadian production made in 2016 for Netflix.

Available on Netflix (88 min.)

Against time

The mind of an Army captain (Jake Gyllenhaal) is transported to the body of a man aboard a train eight minutes before an explosion. His mission is to go back several times to the same point to find out who is responsible for the bomb.

Available on HBO Max (92min.)


Netflix’s first German series blends suspense, drama and fiction as it portrays the characters of a fictional small town who are shaken after the disappearance of a teenager. Gradually, the plot reveals secrets of some local families involved with time travel in 33-year cycles, with the action unfolding in 1953, 1986 and 2019.

Available on Netflix (3 seasons)

Back to the future

The most stylish time travel is still that of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), who uses a plutonium-enriched DeLorean and travels back 30 years to 1955. Meeting the teens who would be his future parents — and unintentionally altering events of the couple’s story, he puts his very existence at risk. And the only person who can help him is the deranged Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). The 1985 film had two sequels, one that takes place in the future (2015, which has already become the past) and another in which the protagonist returns to the wild west.

Available on Star+ and Prime Video (116 min.)


In the future, more precisely in 2029 (it’s close), the world is controlled by machines, until a rebellion led by John Connor turns the tables. So a T-800 robot (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) before John is born. The film had sequels and even a series, but the best (besides the 1984 original) is the first sequel, from 1991, by the same James Cameron… and with Schwarzenegger talking a little more. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (107 min.)

time spell

Before talking about the movie, a warning: this scribe is not a big fan of giving tips that need to be rented, after all, you often already pay for access to on-demand channels. However, I couldn’t make this selection without “Spell of Time”, which is not currently included in any streaming catalog. Harold Ramis’ delightful film stars Bill Murray as the weather reporter who finds himself caught in a time loop in the small town of Punxsutawney, which was hit by a blizzard on Groundhog Day. Realizing that he always wakes up on the same date, he tries to take advantage of the occasion. The film became a pop reference like no other of its kind. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available for rent on Prime Video (R$ 6.90)

Looper: Assassins from the Future

The film takes place in 2044, when time travel is not a reality. The activity, however, exists 30 years later but is against the law, as the protagonist Joe explains. He is a “looper”, an assassin hired by the futuristic mafia, who sends people to the past of 2044 to kill them and dispose of their bodies. The story gets (further) complicated when future Joe is sent back to be executed by himself. He picked up? With Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in the role of Joe. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on HBO Max (119 min.)

Death Gives You Congratulations

On the morning of her birthday, an arrogant college student wakes up in another student’s dorm. After spending the day spreading bad temper around campus, she gets ready for a party at night, but before reaching her destination she is confronted by a masked person, who stabs her to death. However, she wakes up on the same morning as her birthday. After dying a few times, the young woman begins to investigate who would be her murderer. The 2017 teen horror already had a sequel. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (96 min.)

On the Edge of Tomorrow

After an alien invasion, a group of supersuited soldiers are sent to a beach in France for decisive combat (any relationship with WWII is purely coincidental). With no military experience, a soldier (Tom Cruise) dies in action. However, upon coming into contact with the blood of an alien, he is trapped in a time loop and returns to the same morning before the invasion. With the help of a military woman (Emily Blunt) who went through the same experience, he tries to improve his skills and defeat the enemy.

Available on Netflix (113 min.)

palm springs

Nominated for a Golden Globe for comedy last year, the fun “Palm Springs” recently arrived straight to streaming. A wedding guest, Nyles accidentally enters a cave at night and, upon waking up, finds he is repeating the same day. Unintentionally, the bride’s sister also enters the cave and the new couple tries to find a solution to the time loop. With Andy Samberg (from the series “Brooklyn 9-9”), Cristin Milioti and the great JK Simmons in small participation.

Available on Star+ (90 min.)

Paper Girls (new)

Based on the award-winning eponymous comic, the new series will remind a lot of people of “Stranger Things”, at least at first. After all, the plot is carried out by a quartet of teenagers with echoes in the 1980s. But there are good differences. Here, a quartet of newspaper delivery girls in 1988 Cleveland meet on the first day after Halloween. After an incident with some boys, they realize that the sky has turned pink and, while trying to get home, they end up in the future, where a war is fought that involves… time travel.

Available on Prime Video (8 episodes)


In this film by Christopher Nolan (from the “Batman” trilogy, with Christian Bale), a CIA agent is recruited for a mission in which he has to stop a Russian oligarch who could start World War III – he has a weapon capable of making time. run in reverse. The story seems a little confusing, in fact, the whole movie seems a little confusing, but the action scenes are sensational. The production stars John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, and Robert Pattinson, who was recently Batman, but not Nolan’s. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on HBO Max (150 min.)

What’s new


In 1980, Candy Montgomery appears to be a perfect housewife in a Texas suburb. However, a run-in with unstable neighbor Betty ends in crime and Candy’s secrets begin to surface. Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey star in another miniseries inspired by a true crime.

Available on Star+ (5 episodes)

Eduardo and Monica

After “Faroeste Caboclo”, director René Sampaio returns to the universe of Legião Urbana songs to tell the story of Eduardo and Mônica, who “one day met by accident, and they talked a lot to try to get to know each other”. The plot takes place in the 1980s, in Brasília, when the song was released and became a hit. Gabriel Leone and Alice Braga convince as the guy from the prep course and the woman graduated in medicine, respectively.

Available on Globoplay (114 min.)

Me, My Wife and My Copies

In this 1996 comedy, now coming to HBO Max, Doug (Michael Keaton) can’t balance being a good husband, a present father and a dedicated professional. When all sides of his life threaten to come crashing down, he meets a scientist who offers him the possibility of making a clone and splitting the tasks. But copies of him (he makes three) are out of control.

Available on HBO Max (117 min.)


After passing through theaters in the July holidays, this space animation from Pixar has already arrived on Disney streaming. Here, Buzz Lightyear is not the puppet, but an astronaut who is stranded on a planet after an accident with his spaceship and spends years looking for a way to return to Earth. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Disney+ (105 min.)

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