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Eternalized in “Harry Potter” as the friendly little wizard with red hair Ron Weasley, actor Rupert Grint said that he stopped watching the films of the saga after the third volume and that he did not watch the spin-off “Fantastic Beasts”, which expands the world of magic created by JK Rowling, but without him or the most famous characters.

“I haven’t watched all the movies. It was an intense phase, I think coming back to this world is something very difficult for me,” said the 33-year-old British actor while participating in a panel with fans this Saturday, during UcconX.

Grint, who played the role of Harry Potter’s best friend for a decade, was one of the main attractions of the pop culture event, surrounded by controversies involving back pay, threats and an accusation of embezzlement, in addition to a dwindling audience. and booth at the Anhembi Complex, in the north of São Paulo.

After the cancellation, at the last minute, of one of the main stars of UcconX, actress Millie Bobby Brown, of “Stranger Things”, the arrival of Grint was also shrouded in uncertainty – his participation had been announced about a week earlier. But the actor was present, despite a series of delays.

After landing at Guarulhos airport, the star straightened out a marathon of meetings, photos and autographs with fans at the convention. At around 7:15 pm, an hour late, he took the stage for a chat that lasted 45 minutes in an auditorium closed to visitors who paid between R$700 and R$5,400.

Even with the almost uninterrupted journey at the event, Grint was friendly during the conversation and when answering fan questions, almost all related to the world of “Harry Potter”. Although the last film in the franchise was released 11 years ago, he said he still hasn’t gotten tired of talking about the wizarding saga.

“‘Harry Potter’ is such a unique thing, I think I’ll always be talking about it. It’s been most of my life, and it will always be something very special. I kind of owe everything to those stories,” the actor said. “It’s amazing to see that people are still so excited about the movies, I’m proud to have been a part of them.”

The actor drew cheers and applause from the audience when he hinted that he would revive the character. “I don’t know, I think it would be great. Ron and I have kind of become the same person, so I feel very protective of him, I don’t think I could see anyone else playing him.”

While he hasn’t seen every “Harry Potter” movie he’s starred in, that may begin to change with the birth of his daughter with actress Georgia Groome, Wednesday Grint, to whom he’s been showing clips of the franchise on YouTube. “She is two years old and already has a wand – I taught her [o feitiço] ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ for her. There’s a scene where Ron is playing Quidditch and a broom hits him in the face, and she laughs a lot.”

The actor debuted in the franchise when he was 13 years old, in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, released in 2001, in his first work. “It all started with Harry Potter, I was a huge fan of the books. I didn’t have a particular connection with Ron while I was reading it,” he said. “I just loved escaping into that world, I was a shy kid. When I was cast, it was one of the most amazing moments of my life. And that changed everything.”

Earlier this year, Grint joined his peers on “Back to Hogwarts,” an HBO Max production that brought together part of the saga’s cast for the first time since the last film’s release in 2011, to reminisce behind-the-scenes stories. “It was an emotional moment,” he said of the reunion.

Alongside Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, and Emma Watson, in the role of Hermione, Grint starred in one of the most successful movie franchises. Of the trio, Grint did not emerge in a career of Hollywood productions and blockbusters like his colleagues.

His most significant work after the wizarding saga was in “Servant”, an AppleTV+ series produced by M. Night Shyamalan, about a couple who hire a nanny to care for a realistic doll that replaces their dead baby. Grint plays Julian, the baby’s uncle. “I liked that genre of horror, to do something darker,” he said. The fourth season has already been announced. Grint has also finished recording a series with Guillermo del Toro that will be released by Netflix.

Meanwhile, he, who says he is reserved, says he has dedicated his time to his daughter and to handicrafts, such as ceramics. This was the actor’s first participation in an event for fans after the pandemic, and also his first visit to Brazil and South America.

Even so, UcconX managed to waste the participation of a name of this caliber because of the lack of organization and preparation, something already pointed out in the other days of the event, which started on Wednesday. On the panel, the conversation with Grint was mediated by Thiego Novais, from the Potter Observatory YouTube channel, who starred in a series of slips.

The interviewer let Harry Potter fanaticism get in the way of translations and, because of that, the experience of fans, who paid to be there and couldn’t fully understand what the idol was saying. Several times, he couldn’t translate Grint’s answers completely and, in some cases, he made incorrect translations – like the moment when he said that the actor had seen the first “Fantastic Beasts” movie, when he was referring to the first feature of “Harry Potter”.

In the questions, he got the words wrong in English and Grint had to mime to explain what “pottery” was, in English, which the mediator confused with “Potter”. At times, the audience intervened and asked them to translate Grint’s answers and, sometimes, they translated what was said into English or tried to speak directly with the actor.

A translator on stage would have fixed the problem. The lack of organization was also evident when choosing seats in the auditorium. Fans who bought tickets in advance and had to choose their seats stood further from the stage than some fans who bought tickets on the same day, without a seat, and managed, in disbelief, to get a seat in the front rows. In addition, there were complaints about the long waits.

The auditorium, with a capacity for 2,500 people, did not receive 500. To see the star up close, fans could choose between three packages available. The ticket sold at R$700 allowed to watch a panel with him. To see the panel, take a picture and ask for an autograph, it was necessary to pay R$ 1,600. The most expensive package, which cost R$5,400, also included a collective meeting between the actor and the fans.

Shortly after the panel, the actor went up to the main stage of the event to interact with the general public, who had only bought admission to UcconX, for about 15 minutes – also late. The penultimate day of the convention was lukewarm, repeating the scenario of empty stands and a lower than expected audience of the previous days. Grint still participates in the last day of programming this Sunday, before returning to the UK.

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