Warner will try to match the MCU with DC in theaters

The latest changes announced by the Warner has shaken the entertainment world, but the studio’s plans may surprise DC Comics fans with big news. After the controversy surrounding the cancellation of Batgirl, David Zaslavpresident of Warner Bros. Discovery decided to speak out and confirmed that now the publishing house’s productions will be the company’s priority.

According to the CEO, the new project will be ten years, and he promised to create a franchise equal to the MCU and protect the brand A.D.

Warner will try to match the MCU with DC
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Planning may bring news to the DC universe in theaters

THE A.D has struggled with its adaptations for a few years now, where it has rarely been able to compete with the productions of marvel studios. But now, according to Zaslav, DC will have more consistent productions, creating more value for the publisher’s brand, which has been greatly damaged in recent years.

“We will not release any films that we do not believe in. [no potencial]. Our goal is to grow the DC brand, the DC characters. No movie will be released until it’s ready. [Produções da] DC is something we can improve on.”

In addition, the executive said that black adam, Shazam! Gods Fury and The Flash will surprise the publisher’s fans, being incredible productions. He also stressed that the Warner Bros. Discovery has the potential to do something even better, even surpassing the competitor Marvel.

DC promises to hold big stars in its movie and TV universe

As you saw here, Warner intends to give even more importance to Black Adam, who will be played by the star Dwayne Johnson in the DCEU movie. In addition to him, Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot are other big names in the franchise, which should offer long contracts like the MCU did with Chris Evans and Robert Downey jr.

Another universe of the publisher is the so-called batverse, created by director Matt Reeves for the Batman movie, released this year by DC. The film’s success with Robert Pattinson was huge, which in addition to winning a sequel will also have series based on the character of the long.

Check out the trailer for Black Adam, one of the great productions of Warner Bros.

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