What should be the first and future steps of DC Studios?

What should be the first and future steps of DC Studios?

Announced last Thursday (5th) at the shareholders meeting of Warner Bros. Discoveryfinally, David Zaslavthe studio’s new CEO, confirmed the DC Studios. But after all, what will be the first steps of this new era for the house of ideas?

With a plan partially drawn up for the DC Comics in theaters and streaming HBO Max by the previous management, the new representative caused some uproar on the internet by canceling batgirl, live-action heroine that was already in post-production stages, leaving fans furious. And this may not be the only project to be shelved. movies like Blue Beetle, black canary and zatannaremain without continuity updates for the universe.

Productions like joker 2the future of The Batman and series like Peacemakercan be safe from the cut that the Warner Bros. Discovery is implementing for the DC Studios reboot, in addition to David Zaslav himself stating that characters like Super man, Batman and Wonder Woman are priority franchises for the new phase.

No new production has been confirmed by the executive, but it is known that The Flasha film he defined as “great”should kick off the universe reboot, though plans for that remain murky.

Zaslav’s priority is to make DC Studios follow in the same footsteps as marvel studios, creating a powerful franchise for the screen, and showcasing the potential of the house of ideas. For that, it’s already clear that the CEO intends to show off a new Superman to lead and carry on the studio’s legacy.

Meanwhile, heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, who are established in artists like Robert Pattinson and Gal Gadot, it is still unknown what awaits them for the future. It is also worth noting that Shazam! Gods Fury and black adam were also praised by the executive, stating how good they are, and that he intends to “make them even better”.

A big step as a production for the Justice League It may still be a while, but it is certain that Warner Bros. Discovery does not intend to divide DC Studios into films and series at the moment, prioritizing entirely the cinemas, with a universe that should only, in fact, begin its first concrete steps after The Flash.

It is already certain that the new phase of DC Comics for cinemas has a 10-year plan drawn up, and the Trinity together with figures such as Aquamanwill gain much more prominence and will take their first steps with joint and solo projects.

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