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Scams to Steal Accounts Whatsapp their days may be numbered. The messenger team is preparing an option to prevent the line from being taken after the user offers the six-digit code sent via SMS to criminals after receiving a fake offer. It’s what counts WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp will ask for user permission to migrate account (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)
WhatsApp will ask for user permission to migrate account (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

The feature appeared in version of WhatsApp Beta for Android. This is a notification to approve the transfer of the account to a different smartphone, in case someone requests the migration on another device. Thus, it will be possible to prevent the number from being stolen by scammers.

The alert will appear on the cell phone connected to the account right after the exchange request. When someone enters the six-digit code to prove authentication, the app will issue the notification “Allow moving your WhatsApp account to another phone?”. There will then be options to confirm or decline the transfer.

The notice even gives extra details about the process. In addition to the time of the order, it will be possible to know the model of the device used to receive the bill. So, if the change is legitimate and not the result of a scam, the user can also know if the transfer is actually being carried out to their new smartphone.

WhatsApp notification when transferring between devices (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp notification when transferring between devices (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp: function can prevent account theft

The resource is very simple, but tends to bear a lot of fruit. After all, scammers take advantage of accounts that don’t use two-step authentication to take them by force. And most of these scams are related to “offers” that are advantageous to victims, such as promotions, sweepstakes, among others.

This is what was reported by technoblog in October 2021. At the time, scammers used fake Instagram accounts to offer some advantage. But after asking for some personal data, such as full name and mobile number, criminals would ask for the six-digit WhatsApp code sent by SMS.

And then there was no other way: when offering the code, the account is hacked and the criminals used the line to scam the victim’s acquaintances.

With the new function, the messenger will have an extra layer of protection. After all, if the code is offered to scammers, authentication will only be successful if the victim approves the migration on their cell phone. And if the user taps “Decline”, criminals will not have access to the account, as the process will be interrupted.

The bad news is that the function is not yet available to users. However, you can already guarantee your account extra protection by activating WhatsApp two-step authentication. In this case, even with the code in hand, scammers will need a password to confirm authentication during migration.

But, if you had your WhatsApp cloned, know that it is possible to recover it in a few steps.

With information: WABetaInfo

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