Who is Uber will win R$ 1,000 from the Government in August?

The PEC Kamikaze or PEC das Bondades was conceived as a measure to mitigate the impacts of fuel increases for workers.

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Recently, the PEC Kamikaze or PEC das Bondades was approved, which includes assistance for taxi drivers (BEm-Taxista) in its list of benefits. In this sense, the text proposes to transfer amounts of R$ 1,000 to professionals in the category from August 16th.

The proposal was conceived as a measure to mitigate the impacts of fuel increases for workers. In addition to them, self-employed truck drivers (BEm-Caminhoneiro) will also be covered.

Is Uber also entitled to the benefit?

According to the ordinance, only taxi drivers and truck drivers will be entitled to the benefits offered by the PEC, leaving out app drivers, such as Uber and 99.

Even deputy Danilo Forte (PSD-CE), rapporteur of the text, suggested that the group of Uber drivers and 99 were also included, however, the matter did not go forward.

More than one million Brazilians are app drivers

Currently, app drivers are in search of better working conditions. In addition, there are some bills that seek improvements in the regulation of the category currently being processed in the Chamber. However, most features still need approval.

Data from the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) show that, currently, about 1.4 million Brazilians work as app drivers, an increase of 600 thousand people in the period of three years.

Furthermore, the PEC brings the expansion of Auxílio Brasil, Vale-Gás and Alimenta Brasil. In addition to other points related to free public transport for people over 65 and subsidies for ethanol producers.

For the implementation of the new programs, the text signals the creation of the State of Emergency in the country so as not to bump into the Elections Law, which prohibits the foundation of social programs in an election year.

Finally, the cost of the proposal exceeds R$ 41 billion. Payments will start from August and run until December 2022. For the next year, it depends on the election result.

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