With 50 flights per recording, drone gains prominence in Reis – Reis

With breathtaking images, the use of drones has become increasingly frequent in the super productions of Record TV. The small device, which can fly around 50 times per recording, is guided by a remote control and has the mission of producing videos and photos. In an interview with the official website, the director general of kingsLeonardo Miranda, and the person responsible for piloting the drone of the series, Cezar Bialowas, detailed the use of the equipment in the plot.

With international experience, Bialowas pilots drones in productions of Record TV six years ago and analyzed the evolution of images in kings.

“We’ve been with Leo for a long time and we want to deliver the best for him, with more emotion. That’s why we’ve been doing low and shallow takes, closer to the ground, and at the height of the horses. [São] More daring takes, but that will deliver a different side of the story. And doing what he asks of us with quality,” she said.

For the director-general, the aerial images bring a language typical of series, with the use of more elaborated effects and images. It is different from soap operas, with scenes that portray everyday life. “[O uso de drone] It gives grandeur. The soundtrack, photography and color palette help with emotion. It’s the technique used in favor of emotion, which helps to tell the story of the characters and get out of the soap opera language”, explained Miranda.

To carry out the scenes, the drone pilot also said that care must be taken not to scare the animals or compromise the safety of those involved in the recording set.

“We have to accustom the animals to the noises in order to make certain recordings. The horses are the most affected, but after we introduce the equipment and do tests, they start to calm down.”

Cezar also analyzed the difference between making period and contemporary super productions.

“The number of takes in a biblical plot involves a very large number of extras, actors and animals that we can’t always control. The number of flights can exceed 50 a day. We need to have a charging base for the drone’s batteries and a good place for landing and taking off, which does not dirty the lens and does not cause the equipment to be damaged by dust and rain.”

Don’t miss the premiere of the next season of kings on the 10th of August. Before that, stay tuned for the summary of the first two seasons on the screen of Record TV. Full episodes of the series are available at PlayPlus.com.

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