With Cuca’s return to Atlético-MG, Hulk gains more freedom on the field: “It makes me more connected” | athletic-mg

Hulk has more freedom on the field since Cuca’s return to the team. And he praised the coach’s guidance. He moved more in the game against Palmeiras, the first leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals. He scored a goal, ending a five-game fast, but regretted the 2-2 draw, as Galo opened 2-0 and conceded the tie.

– Cuca knows the players very well, he knows everyone’s characteristics. He asked me to be more relaxed, where I surrender more, I look for the ball. I tried to do this. People are gaining confidence.

“I always like to touch the ball, receive, touch, participate, it makes me more connected to the match. I hope to keep improving even more.”

Hulk, from Atlético-MG — Photo: Agência i7/ Mineirão

It’s not even 10 days of work since Cuca’s return to Atlético. But enough for adjustments in the positioning of the team, well known by the coach, champion last year of the Triplete Alvinegro with most of the cast.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

The Rooster will now need to look for the spot outside the house. The return game against Palmeiras is next Wednesday, at Allianz Parque. And Cuca will be key, says Hulk. The coach has already tried to boost the team’s morale after the tie in the first leg.

– He’s a very experienced, intelligent guy. He knows how to deal with this situation, he knows how to put the team up. Of course, it’s a slightly bitter result, but we can’t let ourselves get discouraged. Gotta get the good stuff. The performance of the team was very good, the collective was very strong. We expect it to be growing.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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