Wollf says Hamilton may have brain damage from bouncing car

Hamilton won five consecutive podiums before the Formula 1 summer break. Photo: Jure Makovec/AFP via Getty Images

Hamilton won five consecutive podiums before the Formula 1 summer break. Photo: Jure Makovec/AFP via Getty Images

Toto Wolff has made worrying claims about the effects that Lewis Hamilton’s car balance could have on the seven-time champion in the future. According to the Mercedes boss, the Briton could have brain damage from a car bouncing throughout the Formula 1 season.

In addition to putting the team behind Red Bull and Ferrari in the championship race, the car’s engineering problem is seen as something concerning the drivers’ health.

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Porpoising, as the movement is known, has slowed in recent weeks thanks to smoother tracks in Canada, Great Britain, Austria, France and Hungary, helping Hamilton to five successive podiums.

The new 2022 rule changes have amplified F1’s problems, affecting Mercedes and other constructors at the circuit. Wolff complained: “I still believe the FIA ​​and all of us should do something about it.”

“Frequencies of 1 to 1 hertz that last for a few minutes can cause brain damage. We have 6 to 7 hertz for several hours”, technically explained the strongman of the German team.

The FIA ​​is expected to make minor rule changes over the summer break as the series is on break for four weeks ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August.

The governing body then intends to introduce technical changes to next year’s cars to reduce the aggressiveness of the drivers.

While regulation tweaks reduce the problem, Red Bull and Ferrari, which have managed to avoid big jumps so far, are less keen on the decision, potentially on the verge of losing a speed advantage over their rivals as a result.

In opposition, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said last week that he “suspected it’s the safety issue” and believes porpoising can be managed through internal configuration changes.

“I think it depends on a team how they choose to operate their car,” he said.

Hamilton currently sits sixth in the drivers’ standings, 10 points behind Carlos Sainz and 12 behind Mercedes teammate Russell.

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