Xiaomi launches augmented reality glasses seeking to surpass Apple

The AR glasses that take pictures are new at the moment for those who enjoy point technology for home use, that is, you don’t need to be a professional if you want to use one of these. The Mijia Glasses Camera was developed in a specific line of the company, focused on innovations. When it was launched recently, it caught the attention of other brands that have been in the same market for years.

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The Sony Micro OLED was the lens used in the making of this device, developed with visual comfort in mind. With 50 MP and great resolution in a zoom that expands up to 15 times, it promises to revolutionize photography. Enabling the visualization of 3D scenarios, it also proposes to improve existing problems when photographing something, such as lack of angle and focus.

Xiaomi and Apple enter a technological race to conquer different audiences

Costing 2,699 yuan or R$2,070 without tax, it collects people interested in its performance. Presenting good value for money to those who like to take pictures as a hobby, it offers practicality when traveling. Its differential is to create images from the individual perspective of each one, allowing to see the world through the eyes of the other.

Apple is planning to release a similar item soon, confirmed by the Steve Jobs team. However, Xiaomi has taken the lead and intends to continue surprising its audience that has been growing by associating the brand with accessibility. The technological race is heated and it is up to developers to continue discovering digital solutions that meet consumer needs quickly.

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