Young people boil condoms, drink the liquid and get high

Being stupid is part of the process that makes young people reach adulthood. But with each new generation, we always get the feeling that the level of stupidity is getting even higher. Want an example?

Supposedly, India’s youth are cooking flavored condoms and drinking water like tea, all to numb themselves. According to Gizmodo, the case was reported by CNN-News 18, an Indian news channel.

According to the broadcaster, since mid-July, sales of flavored condoms have soared in the city of Durgapur. Also according to the channel, a customer questioned the reasons for this and received the bizarre practice as an answer from a salesperson: young people were looking for this new way to get “high”.


To achieve such a feat, they would be boiling the condoms and drinking the water. While we highly recommend that you DO NOT try this at home, there is some truth to the experience.

The effects of tea

Polymer researcher interviewed by Vice magazine, Udayan Basak told the publication that, yes, theoretically you can get “high” drinking tea with condoms. Basak says these products contain polyurethane resins, used to ensure they last a long time and stretch even longer. Glycerin is also a component, ensuring the flavor.


“Ethylene glycol, a type of alcohol, is believed to be produced when polyurethane breaks down after boiling flavored condoms in water for six to eight hours,” Basak said, as reported by Vice.

A comparison made by experts heard by CNN-News18 is that the sensation caused would be like sniffing glue, creating a euphoric and hallucinogenic sensation that lasts for a few minutes. Of course, there are adverse effects such as intoxication and even addiction.

Although the story told by the Indian channel came from a salesman claiming he heard this from a teenager, it is possible that young people who put vodka in their eyes may also think that drinking tea with a condom is something that deserves a chance.

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