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The last few days have been quite hectic at Vasco’s legal department, which at every moment receives notification that it has become a defendant in a new lawsuit filed at the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice. With lawyers attentive to the latest transactions and a massive volume of work, the club enters the eve of the Extraordinary General Assembly confident that the partners, without complications, will be able to vote on the sale of SAF to 777 Partners next Sunday.

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Altogether, there were 15 actions that somehow threatened the conclusion of the rite of approval of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol, with eight of them being appealed and reaching the second instance. All the injunctions requested were either denied by the judiciary or overturned by the club in the process, so that there is, at least at the moment, any decision in force that prevents the EGM from taking place.

Vasco supporter present in São Januário: partners vote this Sunday to sell SAF to 777 Partners — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Vasco’s most recent victory was this Friday, when the club managed to invalidate the injunction that suspended the effects of the last meeting of the Deliberative Council, which recommended the approval of the deal with 777 and passed the ball to the General Assembly. The club’s understanding is that the injunction had lost its purpose because it was based on a decision that had already been revoked, but the legal department acted to mitigate the chance of questioning.

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The actions had different objects. Five of them, for example, pointed to alleged irregularities in the AGE that took place in April, which approved the inclusion in the Statute of the possibility of constituting a SAF. There was no significant advance in any of them, including the one that raised the names of partners who are already dead on the voting list – two injunctions were requested for anticipated production of evidence and expertise in HD’s, both denied.

Tébaro comments on the signing of Vasco, player Bruno Tubarão

Tébaro comments on the signing of Vasco, player Bruno Tubarão

In the processes with requests to view the contracts and opening of the documents signed with 777, the TJ-RJ understood that the secrecy of part of the operation is supported by the Pelé Law and that the rite with the detailed opinion of the Special Commission of the Deliberative Council is the enough. And there were also actions by partners questioning the acts of the Deliberative Board.

Zeca Bulhões is the legal vice president of Vasco, which has the services of an outsourced law firm, Andrade Figueira Advogados, which has a power of attorney to answer for the club and is the one who signs petitions and possible manifestations within the processes.

Vasco has already defined the list of those eligible to vote at the AGE, with 6,385 members being able to participate in the vote that will be played in a hybrid way: votes will be computed both online and at the Calabouço Headquarters. Approval will be by simple majority, that is, 50% plus one of the votes.

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