5G in Campinas: see when the signal will be released in the city

Old internet antennas are bigger than 5G ones (Photo: Reproduction/EPTV Campinas)

Released in the city of São Paulo this Thursday (4), 5G internet should only be installed in Campinas from January 1, 2023. The forecast is based on the latest date released by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency).

According to the agency, the city is part of the stage that foresees the arrival of the 3.5GHz band for 5G in municipalities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants. Before that, still in 2022, all capitals must receive the technology (see below).

The fifth generation of mobile internet first arrived in Brasília (DF) in early July. After the federal capital, Belo Horizonte (MG), João Pessoa (PB) and Porto Alegre (RS) also started to rely on 5G in advance.

Other capitals in the country should have the signal by August 29. Other cities have other deadlines. Check out the full schedule:

– As of 08/29: capitals and the Federal District

– As of 01/01/23: cities with a population of 500,000 or more

– As of 06/30/2023: municipalities with 200 thousand people or more and 25% of cities with a population of up to 30 thousand inhabitants

– As of 06/30/2024: cities with 100,000 inhabitants or more and 50% of the municipalities with a population of up to 30,000 inhabitants

– As of 06/30/2025: 75% of the remaining municipalities with a population of up to 30 thousand inhabitants

– As of 01/01/2026: all remaining municipalities


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Based on the dates stipulated by Anatel, Campinas should be the first city in the region to receive 5G internet. Currently, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the municipality has 1,223,237 inhabitants.

At the same stage of the schedule, however, there are four other neighboring municipalities, which should receive the signal from January 1 of next year:

– Sumaré: 289,875 residents

– Indaiatuba: 260,690 residents

– Americana: 244,370 residents

– Hortolândia: 237,570 residents

Municipalities such as Valinhos, Vinhedo, Santa Bárbara dOeste and Paulínia will be left out of the 5G release stage starting in January. And as they have less than 200,000 inhabitants, they may even be left out of the 2023 schedule.

The expectation, however, is that they are among the 25% share of cities with up to 30,000 residents, whose signal release starts in June next year. If not, they should only receive it later. See the population of each:

– Santa Bárbara dOeste: 195,278 inhabitants

– Valinhos: 133,169 inhabitants

– Paulínia: 114,508 inhabitants

– Vineyard: 81,516 inhabitants


Despite the disclosure of deadlines, Anatel reinforces that all forecasts can be changed so that the release is anticipated. For this, it is necessary that the necessary conditions for the operation of 5G are available.

The change depends on the migration of satellite dishes to the Ku band and the completion of activities associated with vacating the 3,625 MHz to 3,700 MHz band and mitigating interference in the 3,700 MHz to 4,200 MHz band.

These activities are carried out by the EAF (Strip Management Entity), an entity created by determination of the 5G Notice. The order of execution of these activities follows technical and logistical criteria foreseen in the document.

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