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When I was little and growing up in Cuba, Ana de Armas almost only had access to local movies and television shows. From time to time she managed to see Hollywood productions at the neighbors’ house, and she had a group of friends with whom she sang Spice Girls songs—though none of them understood what the lyrics meant.

Despite food shortages, frequent electricity cuts and a general lack of resources, the current 34-year-old actress describes her childhood as “happy”. Today, she is one of the main names that are conquering Hollywood. She rose to the top, with great determination, and now has a huge (and promising) career ahead of her.

“The Gray Man” is his latest film and also the most expensive ever produced by Netflix, with a budget of around 168 million euros. Armas is no longer the secondary name in the cast and now it fights for the leading role in the name of actors like Ryan Gosling, Billy Bob Thornton or Chris Evans.

In this case, Armas is Dani Miranda, an agent who decides to side with a former CIA assassin who is now pursued by the authorities. A film with touches of Jason Bourne and that arrives on the platform this Friday, July 22nd. Another milestone in the career of the actress who came from Cuba with a mission: to break down the doors of Hollywood.

The father worked as a banker, teacher and in a town hall. His mother was in the human resources department at the Cuban education ministry. And Ana de Armas has an older brother, Javier, who is a photographer currently working in New York. At age 12, she already knew she wanted to be an actress — and she pursued that dream without ever straying from her path.

Just two years later, he was accepted into the acting course at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba, in Havana, which would last four years. Ana de Armas took a ride on the road to get to school or took the bus. The course was demanding but she went well and halfway through, when she was 16, she made her debut with a role in “A Rose of Francia”which hit theaters in 2006.

He would end up participating in other productions as a teenager, before moving to Spain, the year he celebrated his 18th birthday. — something he was only able to do because his grandparents have Spanish nationality. She wanted to pursue an acting career and all she needed was a €200 savings to move to Madrid (where she had already been promoting her first film).

Just two weeks after arriving, he met casting director Luis San Narciso, who had seen his role in “Una Rosa de Francia”. Immediately, San Narciso got him a role in a teen series that would be a huge success in Spain, “The Intern”.

Ana de Armas participated in six seasons of the project, between 2007 and 2010. She quickly became a well-known figure in our neighboring country. Despite the success, the actress was only receiving offers to play identical roles and felt that she was stuck with that kind of teenage character. For that reason, she asked the creators of the project to write the story for her character to come out in the penultimate season.

Around 2011, he went to New York, USA, to learn English. She wanted to go international and work in the big world industry. But the invitations continued to appear in Spain and she returned to Madrid to participate in projects such as “Hispania, La Leyenda”, “El Callejon”, “Anabel” or “For A Puñado de Besos”. At this stage, she was married to Spanish actor Marc Clotet for two years – they divorced in 2013.

She continued to participate in professional acting workshops and had the “most anxious” phase of her career — she felt that she was not going where she wanted to go, that she had not yet reached her goals. Fortunately, she got an agent in Los Angeles, and quickly moved to the city of Hollywood industry.

When he arrived in California in 2014, it was as if he had started his career from scratch. She spoke very little English and in most of the first castings she did she didn’t even know exactly what she was saying. She spent four months learning English all day long—until she mastered the language.

However, in the first roles he did, he memorized the lines by the sounds of the words – that is, he couldn’t almost carry on a conversation with the other actors and producers, and if the text was changed during the recordings it would be a problem. One such case was in his Hollywood debut, “Knock Knock”an erotic thriller starring Keanu Reeves. Anyway, Reeves liked her work and invited her to play a role in another film starring and produced by himself, “Angels and Shadows”which debuted the following year, in 2016.

Other of the films he made at this stage were “The Traffickers”in Todd Phillips; or “Hands of Stone”in Jonathan Jakubowicz. The role that would cast her would be that of the artificial intelligence girlfriend of Ryan Gosling’s character in “Blade Runner 2049”, but the film turned out not to have the desired commercial success. Ana de Armas was praised by critics, but did not exactly become well known to the general public.

Still, he was building a career. Ana de Armas bought a house in Cuba that year, where her family and most of her friends live. It is there that she continues to spend much of her free time whenever she can. She is friends with many Cuban actors, who have her as a great reference. Despite that, his parents were never able to attend the premiere of one of his films or even see his work in good condition. They see their work “later, through bad copying or something,” as he described in an interview with “Vanity Fair” earlier this year.

When she goes to Cuba, Ana de Armas says that she takes her luggage full of clothes, medicines or other groceries that she offers to the people of her country — the suitcases come back empty, since the actress doesn’t even take clothes or personal belongings to Havana.

He says that Hollywood is not his life, but rather his “reality”. “I’ve made great friends, and amazing things have happened to me here, but the lifestyle and the public exposure and the constant business situations are not for me. I like to talk about life, art, babies or pets. Acting is what I love to do, but I can’t always talk about it”, he said in the same article in “Vanity Fair”.

In 2019, yes, she landed the role that catapulted her to stardom. With an all-star cast — from Daniel Craig The Chris Evanspassing through Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Plummer — it was Ana de Armas who stood out the most in “Knives Out: Everyone Is A Suspect”. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

She almost didn’t accept the role, whose initial description (and in a very basic way) said only that it would be that of a “beautiful assistant”. Ana de Armas has declared herself vehemently against stereotypes in cinema for Latino actors. “Sometimes he says: ‘Sexy with a bad temper’. And she is who we are. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s not just that. With that I have a problem.” However, in this story she ends up having a much more complex role, and even a protagonist.

Despite all the circumstances, the last two years of Ana de Armas’ career were filled with projects with several important steps in her path. She participated in the political drama “Sergio”from Netflix, and in the thriller “The Receptionist”but also in “Wasp Network: Network of Spies”.

More: 2021 would bring an unprecedented participation in one of the longest-running movie sagas, James Bond. After participating in “007: No Time to Die”. the director, Cary Joji Fukunagahas been a fan of the actress for several years and wrote this role (together with Phoebe Waller-Bridge) specifically for Ana de Armas. She may be the “bond girl” in this film, but the goal was never to objectify the woman.

“Obviously I was jumping and very excited. [quando recebeu o convite]. But he had to make sure it wasn’t going to spoil all the work he’d done so far, that he wasn’t going to mess it up. And the Bond women, at least for me, I could never identify with.”

still filmed “Deep Water”a thriller directed by Adrian Lyne about a husband who lets his wife have sex outside of marriage to keep her happy and avoid a divorce—only he becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his lovers. Ben Affleck will be the husband, Ana de Armas the wife. In real life, the pair formed one of the most bombastic couples in recent years. The relationship would eventually cool and the two actors would come to separate.

“The Gray Man” is just another step towards what could very well be the role of his career. If he wanted to break stereotypes, the biggest proof he’s been able to do is that he’s going to play Marilyn Monroe in the biopic (but also in costume) “Blonde”with its premiere scheduled for 2022. It is a production carried out by Andrew Dominik.

“I only had to do the casting once and Andrew said: it’s you. Playing Marilyn was something new. A Cuban woman playing Marilyn Monroe. I wanted so much.”

In the film, Ana de Armas’ own dog, Elvis, plays Monroe’s dog — which was called Mafia and had been a gift from Frank Sinatra.

Ana de Armas is a rising star in Hollywood, even if she prefers to live her quiet and peaceful life with family and friends in Havana. Like her character in “Knives Out,” she looks like she’s going to end up being the woman who, even if she didn’t really want to, was dragged into a game she ended up winning.

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