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Grêmio broke the script of away games in Serie B and won again after 100 days on Friday night, at the Golden Earring. Against Guarani, it was possible to see a more aggressive posture in the first stage, enough to open the score and then sustain the 2-1 victory until the end, which crowns the good phase of Grêmio and puts the team back in the vice-leadership. . It’s been 16 games unbeaten.

Finally, the tricolor delegation returns to Porto Alegre with the three points in the bag to relieve the pressure and increase the team’s confidence. This was the result of a change in behavior in the first 40 minutes of the game, where Grêmio pressured Guarani, created the best chances and opened the scoring.

In the final stage, the team inevitably retreated and had to suffer more, even because of the more offensive posture of the opponent after the break. Tricolor kept the strategy of defending and finding the counterattack. This is the part where you still need to give a better result and be more effective. The players made clear the relief of winning as a visitor, despite Roger minimizing the fast.

– Happy for the game, even happier for the victory, something that we demanded a lot from us internally. We have played great games at our Arena, now we come here for a difficult game, knowing the situation with Guarani. We played a consistent game, we knew how to suffer. We played a great game and came out winners – pointed forward Guilherme.

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This Friday, the team knew how to use the strikers to create chances. As much as Diego Souza and Elkeson didn’t hit the net, both participated directly in the goal plays. First, Villasanti scored with shirt 29 and hit from outside the area. Then, in the second half, the Chinese received on the pivot, held and played for Guilherme, who rolled for Biel to make the second.

It was a consistent match. Until the first 35 minutes of the first half we controlled well, then the opponent pushed us back.

— Roger Machado, Grêmio coach

"Hallelujah!  We won away from home!", celebrates Quetelin |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Hallelujah! We won away from home!”, celebrates Quetelin | The Voice of the Crowd

The final stage was more similar to what had been happening in matches away from the Arena until then. Tricolor had little possession of the ball and bet on counterattacks. In addition, Brenno also played an important role in the result. After two months away from the pitch, the goalkeeper contributed with difficult saves.

Another point to highlight were the entries of Lucas Leiva and Guilherme. Despite the assistance for the second goal, the striker appeared little and, until that moment, he had been having a discreet performance, without the plays that are his characteristic: the dribble and the right-footed finish.

The steering wheel, even with different characteristics from Bitello, performed well alongside Villasanti and was another good news for Roger. The (good) problem is that the coach will not have an easy time finding space in the team with the return of the youngster in the next round.

Even though the strategy was successful from the point of view of the result, the defense ended up suffering from something that has been recurring in recent games: the defensive aerial ball. The pressure from Guarani had an effect, however, only in the 49th minute of the first half, with no time to aim for a draw.

Grêmio in the victory against Guarani, for Série B — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Disclosure/Grêmio

In the open corner kick from Diogo Mateus, defender João Victor, who was in the area of ​​the penalty mark, beat Bruno Alves and tested the ball to the back of the goal.

However, the problem is not one-off. The last three times Grêmio was leaked followed this same pattern. The fact already raises some concern in the technical commission, which during the week trained this type of bid. And it’s something that should be work in the next few days.

The result of Campinas returns the team from Rio Grande do Sul to the second position in the table, at least provisionally, since if Bahia beats CSA, Tricolor passes. Also momentarily, the distance to Cruzeiro is reduced, and now he hopes for Raposa to stumble against Tombense.

If before the game this Friday, Grêmio had about ten days of preparation, now Roger is back to suffer with the bad side of the Brazilian calendar, because on Tuesday he already faces a new commitment. The delegation returns to the capital of Rio Grande do Sul this Saturday and will have only two training sessions before facing Operário-PR.

Tricolor hosts Fantasma, at Arena, in Porto Alegre, on Tuesday, the 9th. The match is valid for the 23rd round of Serie B and starts at 19:00 (Brasília time). In fact, it was against this same team that Grêmio won their other victory away from home in the first round.

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