Apple Allows Blocking Ad Tracking on iPhone; see how

One of the most advantageous features of an iPhone or other Apple products is the high dose of privacy they usually offer. Who has never been surprised by ads for products that you are only commenting on or viewing out of interest. It is possible to disable ad tracking on iPhone by any user of the brand.

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Tracking is exactly what makes ads appear on iPhone. Various apps collect your information to help show you specific ads. It is possible to collect survey data from the internet, from the camera and even from audio.

Whenever you download an app on your device, there will be a notification asking you to allow tracking. If you decline it, ads on iPhone are limited or unable to be displayed based on data shared by users.

If you want to update apps that have already been downloaded and installed, that’s fine. There is a simple procedure to do this. Check out the details below.

How to disable ad tracking on iPhone

To disable ad tracking or tracking on iPhone, you need to go to Device Settings. Tap on the desired app and go to the option of “Allow tracking” to disable the process.

Another option is to go to the device settings, then tap on Privacy and then on Tracking. Just tap each option in the apps to enable or disable the feature on your device.

All apps are required to offer this type of action in their settings. Apple can force developers to include this type of permission in the app, at the risk of permanent deletion and even legal consequences for the company.

This option that the iPhone offers has become one of the main factors of choice and satisfaction for many customers. Nothing better than browsing the internet and knowing that, at least, part of your data will be kept confidential inside the device.

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