Apps that are on the Play Store and you shouldn’t keep it on your phone

One of the most recurrent issues involving digital security is the danger of viruses that steal data from tools available in app stores, presenting serious risks to people.

Malware that can invade systems are common among digital resources freely available on the internet and scams usually happen when people don’t read the terms of service. On Android devices the risk is even greater because the Play Store has a less stringent policy to allow developers to enter the store.

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Hacker attacks have been increasingly frequent and developers seek to camouflage themselves between different apps. From games to publishing platforms, all audiences can be targeted by these criminals. In this way, they are able to access your device in an unrestricted way, aiming to steal bank details or relevant information.

Try to find out who is responsible for the application you are downloading before performing any download. Remember that monitoring sometimes takes place in a silent way, without the victim knowing. Therefore, when downloading a program, read the considerations, comments and, if necessary, make an antivirus available on your cell phone.

Here are some apps that pose risks to your smartphone

  • Simple Note Scanner — com.wwan.pdf scan
  • Universal PDF Scanner — univer
  • Private Messenger — com.recollect.linkus
  • Premium SMS — sms
  • Smart messages — com.toukyou sms.time messages
  • Text Emoji SMS — messenger.itext.emoji.messenger
  • Blood Pressure Checker — com.blood pressure checker.tang jiang
  • Funny keyboard — com.soundly.galaxy keyboard
  • Silent Memory Camera — com.silentmenory.timcamera
  • Custom themed keyboard — com.custom.keyboardthemes.galaxiy
  • Light Messages —
  • Themes Photo Keyboard — com.themes.bgphotokeyboard
  • Send SMS — exazth.message.send.text.sms
  • Chat Messenger Themes — com.relish.messengers
  • Instant Messenger — com.sbdlsms.crazymessager.mmsrec
  • Cool keyboard — com.colate.gthemekeyboard
  • Font Emoji Keyboard — com.zemoji.fontskeyboard
  • Mini PDF Scanner — com.mnscan.minipdf
  • Smart SMS messages —
  • Creative Emoji Keyboard — com.whiteemojis.creativekeyboard.ledsloard
  • Fancy SMS — con.sms.fancy
  • Font Emoji Keyboard — com.symbol.fonts.emojikeyboards
  • Personal message —
  • Funny Emoji Message — com.funie.messagremo
  • Magic Photo Editor —
  • Professional Messages — com.adore.attached.message
  • All Photo Translator — myphotocom.allfasttranslate.transationtranslator
  • SMS Chat — com.maskteslary.messages
  • Smile Emoji — com.balapp.smilewall.emoji
  • Wow Translator — com.imgtop.camtranslator
  • All Language Translate — com.exclusivez.alltranslate
  • Cool messages —
  • Blood Pressure Diary
  • Chat Text SMS — com.echatsms.messageos
  • Hi Text SMS — ismos.mmsyes.message.texthitext.bobpsms
  • Emoji theme keyboard — com.gobacktheme.lovelyemojikeyboard
  • iMessager —
  • Text SMS — com.ptx.textsms
  • Camera translator — com.haixgoback.outsidetext.languagecameratransla
  • Unicc QR Reader — com.qrdscannerratedx

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