businessman goes to court for sale of mall

Businessman André Cury sued Atlético-MG in court against the sale of the Diamond Mall to Multiplan Empreendimentos. The club forwarded the sale of its 49.9% of the venue last Tuesday, pending approval by Cade. In the action, to which the column had access, the agent asks for an injunction to record the 28 cases that have been opened against the club by the Brazilian courts, which currently total R$ 64.3 million.

The businessman has already obtained several favorable judgments and had previously obtained the mortgage on the mall in some of these actions.

He wants public notices to be issued, to be published in the Diário de Justiça and also in major newspapers, with the content of the protest so that third parties can become aware of his lawsuits against the club.

Last Wednesday, he had already sent a letter to Multiplan notifying him about the shares and their values. He asked the Court to send the document to the company so that it can be informed before finalizing the purchase of the mall. In the action, Cury – who is represented by lawyers Adriana Cury and Fernanda Aaade – says that there is a movement to empty the club’s assets before becoming SAF – regardless of whether the change occurs or not.

There are currently 28 cases in progress, referring to deals involving players Guilherme Arana, Luan, Lucas Pratto, Marcos Rocha, Vina, Rómulo Otero, Eduardo Vargas, Rosinei, Maicosuel, Dylan Borrero, José Welison, David Terans, Leandrinho, Denilson, Mansur and Rafael Dudamel.

Atlético-MG announced, on the night of this Tuesday (2), the sale of the remaining 49% of Shopping Diamond that it had left. The club managed to negotiate with Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliários SA, the company that owns the majority of the mall, for the amount of R$ 340 million. The club was approached for comment on the lawsuit, but did not respond until publication. The report will be updated if Atlético wants to express itself.

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