Captain Marvel 2 Full Plot Leaked

Sequel to one of the MCU’s biggest hits, captain marvel 2 will be the next film of the powerful superhero played by Brie Larson, which currently has a release date set for July 2023.


captain marvel 2actually got a new title a while ago out there: “the marvels“, which, despite everything, has not yet received a translation in Brazil. And the new superhero movie still has many other news.

This time it’s director Nia DaCosta (The Legend of Candyman) directs the new adventure, which will give Brie Larson’s superheroine the support of Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), who promise to form a simply epic trio.

Actress Zawe Ashton also plays the film’s mysterious villain, while Park Seo-joon also has a role in the plot, characters that have now all been revealed through a massive leak.

Through Reddit, with a verified source, which means that it is all true, the full plot of the film was revealed through those who have already been able to watch it. captain marvel 2 in a test session recently held by Marvel.

As the source warns, this was a session held before the reshoots, and with the premiere only taking place in July 2023, a lot can be cut or added. from any outside, beware of serious spoilers!


Captain Marvel 2's plot is completely leaked.

Zawe Ashton’s character is called Dar-Benn, the regular leader of the Krees. In flashbacks, we see her witness Carol attack the Supreme Intelligence and destroy much of her planet. The Krees refer to Carol as “The Annihilator”, something Carol and she don’t like.

Carol is very suspicious of Dar-Benn’s intentions, and she’s not wrong: the Kree leader turns out to be a villain. Dar-Benn has one bracelet, Kamala has the other. She needs both bracelets to power a weapon. There is a funny scene where Dar-Benn demands to know how Kamala got such an ancient and powerful artifact and Kamala replies “my grandmother sent me in the mail”.

Before that, Monica, Carol and Kamala start switching places every time they use their powers. Monica is working on a space station alongside Nick Fury at SWORD’s “The Peak” headquarters. Kamala is in New Jersey, and Carol is trying to infiltrate a peace summit between the Krees and the Skrulls because she doesn’t trust Dar-Benn.

Dar-Benn’s intentions are revealed and then Carol starts fighting the Kree soldiers, and then starts switching places with Kamala and Monica, and the Kree soldiers go along. It gets to a point where Carol is at SWORD’s base, Kamala is at the peace dome on another planet, and Monica is fighting Kree soldiers in the Khan Family’s living room. In the end, everyone, including Fury, ends up in the Khan’s living room, except for Kamala herself.

Carol goes outside and tries to fly, but they switch again, and suddenly Kamala is falling from the sky, and Fury tells Monica that she has to fly and save her. Monica still doesn’t know how to control her flying powers, but Fury yells, “Come on, black girl magic!” and Monica flies to save Kamala. However, she loses control in the fall, everyone is screaming and, at the last second, Monica and Carol switch places and Carol manages to stop before hitting the ground. It’s the first meeting between her and Kamala.

Carol, Monica and Kamala end up staying together because they can’t control the change of location, and together they go to investigate Dar-Benn, only to discover that she is using a new weapon to create unstable portals that steal resources like water and air from entire planets, and ends up sending these resources to Hala, planning to rebuild the Kree’s planet. She has already destroyed a planet in search of its atmosphere, and now she goes to Aladna to steal its water.

Carol has already been to Aladna and is reluctant to return because there she is the princess, married to Prince Yan, the result of an accidental diplomatic error. This is Park Seo-joon’s character. Everyone on Aladna sings as a form of communication.

The three create a connection on the ship on the way to Aladana. Monica helps Carol get used to working with Kamala, because Carol yelled at Kamala moments before, and also reminds Carol that Kamala is not a soldier. Monica and Carol also talk about how she left Earth and never came back, but it is later revealed that Carol did come back and visit Maria quite often.

In Aladana, Carol and Prince Yan seem to have a friendship of mutual respect. Carol is embarrassed to be on the planet, but her citizens adore her as their princess. Kamala is excited and Monica asks if Kamala will include this wedding in her Captain Marvel fanfics, and Kamala says yes.

Carol realizes that Dar-Benn is going after every planet Carol has ever called home in an act of revenge, and Earth is the last part of the plan. Meanwhile, Fury takes the Khan family to the space station to keep them safe. A parallel plot on the space station with Fury: some technicians find strange eggs inside all the machines on the station. They are all very worried about some kind of alien attack. The eggs hatch and it is revealed that they are newly hatched flerken kittens. Chaos ensues on the space station.

Later, the space station is damaged by Dar-Benn as she attacks Earth at the climax. There aren’t enough escape pods to get everyone out of the station. Fury comes up with the idea of ​​serving them all as a meal for the flerken kittens, then putting all the kittens in the escape pods, making sure they all get to Earth safely.

Monica and Carol go to Hala, and it’s raining for the first time on the planet, and the surviving Krees are celebrating, because Dar-Benn brought the atmosphere and water back to them. Carol realizes that being seen as “the Annihilator” is accurate from their point of view: she has destroyed this planet and the survivors are fighting it and in fact Carol is the ultimate villain in their eyes, and so she finds herself trapped in a compromise arrangement. moral accounts. Stopping Dar-Benn means destroying Hala again. Monica has a pep talk with Carol, who sees that she needs to stop Dar-Benn so other planets don’t get destroyed.

In addition to Dar-Benn destroying planets, their creation of portals makes the universe unstable, increasing the likelihood of an incursion, which is another reason they have to stop it. And a real incursion takes place at the climax: Carol fights Dar-Benn while Monica and Kamala try to stop the incursion. Monica manages to stop the incursion by flying to the other side, and ends up trapped in that other universe.

Valkyrie has a small cameo during the film, revealing that she and Carol are good friends. And in the end, Captain Marvel promises Kamala that they will be able to bring Monica back.

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the marvels is the official title of what we call captain marvel 2, still without official translation in Brazil and continuation of one of the billionaire films of Marvel Studios, was finally confirmed after months of silence. What is known so far is that the film will have the screenplay written by Megan McDonnell (WandaVision) and will take place in the present day, after the events of Avengers: Endgame!

Director Nia Dacosta will helm the sequel. Obviously, Brie Larson will be back as Carol Danvers. As well as the return of Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and Teyonah Parris, the Monica Rambeau of WandaVision. The US theatrical release date is set for July 28, 2023!

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