Caramel dog is caught ‘inviting’ man to dance on the street sidewalk; video

Last Sunday, the 30th, internet user Brenda Maria Garibay Baute shared on her TikTok profile the contagious scene of a man dancing on the street sidewalk — and not alone — he was accompanied by a caramel mutt.

The man was in front of a store and, taken by the infectious vibration of the music that was playing there, he began to dance a cumbia (typical national music of Colombia) — or perhaps a salsa (a Latin dance)? Involved with the melody, he moved his feet and body, showing his dancing skills. A second man, who was also at the scene, could not contain himself and took a few steps with the doggo.

There with them they also had two dogs, one with white fur and the other caramel. The two pets were excited about the hustle on the sidewalk. But the one who dared to take a few steps with the dancer was caramel.

The furry one stayed on its two hind legs, while the man – who is not known if it is its owner – held its front paws and led it along the dance floor, they looked like a couple of dancers.

And all this joy is due to the fact that dogs are infected with human emotions. According to National Geographic, new studies show how human behavioral and chemical signals can affect dogs in ways that allow them to not only discriminate between their owners’ fear, arousal, or anger, but also “pick up” those feelings from their human companions. .

“The emotional connection between humans and dogs is the essence of the relationship,” says Clive Wynne, professor of psychology and director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University. “Dogs are incredibly social beings, so they are easily infected by our warmth and joy.”

The footage was taken from inside a car and the person responsible for the recording put a song in the publication that has become famous on TikTok in recent months, Cumbia Buena by Grupo la Cumbia by Darwin Perea, from San Andrés Chamula, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. .

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