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In doubt about who can’t climb in the 21st round of the Brazilian Championship, cartoleiro? Your problems are over. Here you will find the main information of the weekend regarding injured, suspended and likely lineups for the next challenge. Don’t forget that you have until 16:00 (Brasília time) this Saturday (06) to confirm your team.

As in the middle of the week there will be many decisive games of Libertadores and Sudamericana, it is worth taking special care with the clubs involved in these competitions. Atlético-MG must send their alternative team to the field against Athletico-PR. What is certain is that Ademir is out for having to serve suspension.

Ademir misses Galo against Athletico – Photo: Atlético-MG

São Paulo and Flamengo will also face each other without maximum force on either side. Luciano and Luizão are certain absences on the tricolor side, both suspended. Palmeiras have three defenders in this situation: Marcos Rocha, Murilo and Piquerez. The trend is for a team very moved by Abel Ferreira to face Goiás.

The market for round #21 is open until 16:00 (Brasília time) this Saturday (06). Click here and scale your team!

See the suspended, injured and likely teams from round #21:

Suspended: Everaldo
Injured: Alê, Aloísio, Jori and Wellington Paulista
Probable team: Cavichioli; Patric, Maidana (Luan Patrick), Éder and Danilo Avelar; Lucas Kal, Juninho and Felipe Azevedo; Matheusinho, Pedrinho and Henrique Almeida.

Suspended: none
Injured: Christian, Julimar, Marcelo Cirino, Marlos, Reinaldo
Probable team: Bento; Khellven, Matheus Felipe, Nico Hernández and Pedrinho; Matheus Fernandes, Léo Cittadini and Vitor Bueno; Vitinho, Rômulo and Vitor Roque.

Suspended: Jorginho, Léo Pereira and Luiz Fernando
Injured: Ramon Menezes and Ronaldo
Probable team: Renan; Dudu, Wanderson, Lucas Gazal and Jefferson; Willian Maranhão, Marlon Freitas and Wellington Rato; Airton, Ricardinho and Peglow

Suspended: Ademir
Injured: Guilherme Arana
Probable team: Everson; Guga, Igor Rabello, Réver and Dodô; Allan, Otávio and Nacho; Eduardo Vargas, Pedrinho and Alan Kardec (Eduardo Sasha)

Suspended: none
Injured: Morato
Probable team: Vladimir; Kevin, Bressan, Rafael Vaz and Cortez; Bruno Silva, Eduardo and Raniele; William Pottker, Nathanael and Bissoli.

Suspended: none
Injured: Barreto, Breno and Victor Sá
Probable team: Kitten; Daniel Borges, Kanu (Adryelson), Philipe Sampaio and DG; Tchê Tchê, Patrick de Paula (Eduardo) and Lucas Fernandes; Jeffinho, Erison and Vinícius Lopes (Luis Henrique)

Suspended: none
Injured: Alerrandro and Ytalo
Probable team: Cleiton; Aderlan, Léo Ortiz, Nathan and Luan Cândido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran (Praxedes); Artur, Helinho and Jan Hurtado.

Suspended: Richardson
Injured: Diego Rigonato
Probable team: João Ricardo, Michel Macedo, Luiz Otávio, Messias, Victor Luís; Richard Coelho, Guilherme Castilho, Lima; Vina, Mendoza and Cleber.

Suspended: none
Injured: Maycon and Paulinho
Probable team: Cássio, Rafael Ramos, Gil, Raul Gustavo and Fábio Santos; Fausto Vera, Roni and Giuliano; Adson (Mosquito), Giovane (Júnior Moraes) and Róger Guedes.

Suspended: Egidio
Injured: Andrey, Robinho
Probable team: Alex Muralha; Guillermo, Henrique and Luciano Castán; Warley (Matheus Alexandre), Willian Farias, Bruno Gomes (Régis) and Diego Porfírio; Alef Manga, Léo Gamalho and Igor Paixão.

Egídio does not face Santos — Photo: Guilherme Griebeler/Coritiba

Suspended: Igor Cariús and João Lucas
Injured: Uendel
Probable team: Walter; Daniel Guedes, Marllon, Joaquim and Alan Empereur; Camilo, Pepê and Rafael Gava; Alesson, Valdivia and Rodriguinho.

Suspended: none
Injured: Bruno Henrique
Probable team: Santos, Matheuzinho, Fabrício Bruno, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; Diego, Vidal and Victor Hugo; Everton Chives, Lazarus and Marinho

Suspended: André and Caio Paulista
Injured: Luan Freitas
Probable team: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel and Pineida; Martinelli (Wellington), Nonato and Ganso; Matheus Martins, Arias and Cano

André is one of the highlights of Fluminense this year — Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Suspended: none
Injured: Jose Welison
Probable team: Fernando Miguel, Brítez, Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi and Juninho Capixaba; Sasha, Ronald; Romarinho, Moisés, Robson and Romero.

Suspended: Maguinho
Injured: Da Silva, Luiz Felipe, Marcelo Rangel, Matheusinho and Sidimar
Probable team: Thaddeus; Diego, Lucas Halter, Caetano and Juan; Auremir, Matheus Sales, Dadá Belmonte and Vinícius; Nicolas (Reynaldo) and Pedro Raul

Suspended: none
Injured: Caio Vidal and Rodrigo Moledo
Probable team: Keiller; Weverton, Vitão, Kaique Rocha and Thauan Lara; Johnny, Liziero, Pedro Henrique, Alan Patrick and Taison; Brian Romero

Suspended: none
Injured: Elton and Kelvi
Probable team: Pegorari; Rodrigo Soares, Thalisson, Paulo Miranda and Moraes; Marlon, Chico, Óscar Ruiz and Bruno Nazário; Vitor Gabriel and Isidro Pitta

Suspended: Marcos Rocha, Murilo and Piquerez
Injured: Jailson
Probable team: Weverton; Mayke, Gustavo Gómez, Luan and Vanderlan; Danilo, Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu, Wesley and Rony (Lopez).

Suspended: Camacho
Injured: Kevin Malthus
Probable team: João Paulo; Madson, Maicon, Eduardo Bauermann and Felipe Jonatan; Rodrigo Fernández, Vinícius Zanocelo and Carlos Sánchez; Lucas Barbosa (Léo Baptistão), Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo

Suspended: Luciano and Luizão
Injured: Arboleda, Caio, Luan, Walce
Probable team: Felipe Alves; Diego Costa, Miranda (Moreita) and Léo; Rafinha, Pablo Maia, Galoppo, Nikão and Talles (Patrick) and Welington (Reinaldo); Calleri

Luciano is out of the duel against Flamengo – Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

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