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Accessory conversation? At first glance, it may seem strange that earrings worth just over four pounds (or five euros) deserve so much attention, but after Liz Truss having chosen the affordable Claire’s branded piece for the BBC face to face exchange of views became essential. While his opponent, Rishi Sunakusing, as usual, the four-figure suits and the best Italian footwear, the Secretary of Culture, and Truss supporter in the race for the leadership of the British Conservatives threw the missing pole: Liz was prepared to tour the country in traditional version low budget, as the times recommend, while the rival does not look to spending on its public appearances.

At 47, Sunak’s adversary isn’t just lauded for frugal choices — she’s also repeatedly accused of emulating Mrs. T, or Margaret Thatcher (an assumed reference), especially when the characteristic Tory blue and pencil dresses enter the scene, in an extreme dedication to the most popular brands in the kingdom. The lace blouses, the dark blazer and other details from 1979 were recovered to the millimeter for the first debate in this marathon. And the internet rushed to draw comparisons after that moment on July 15 on Channel 4.

Boris succession. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are the ones chosen for the Conservative Party’s final battle

“Not infrequently, quotes from Thatcher’s manual are conscious: bright colors, particularly in blue and red, are a wardrobe hallmark for Truss.”, Politico wrote in 2021 about the “new Iron Lady”. ”, a 2.0 mode of Maggie. If Margaret Thatcher trusted Aquascutum during her consulate (marked by 120 trips to the hairdresser in a single year), Truss is known for betting on brands like Karen Millen, almost always national and with little prohibitive values. To perform at the most recent debate, in Exeter, she recovered a dress used in 2021, in Manchester, and again this year, in Glasgow, which will not have gone beyond 200 pounds (about 239 euros). According to the Daily Mail, she is still a fan of London-based design brand Winser (choosing a £185 Grace Miracle purple dress) and other fast fashion brands such as LK Bennett and Whistles, and The Fold. And don’t think that the simple name of a dress is irrelevant in a semiotic analysis of this nature. Let the always attentive twitter say so.

Prime Minister Theresa May Appoints Her Cabinet

In dresses or suits, blue is a recurring option for Truss. Formal enough, as the position demands, don’t shy away from taking a chance on accessories © Getty Images


Expert in recycling wardrobe, she returns to tones and pieces of outerwear like the beige coat or the Union Jack style blazers. Bold in accessories, don’t be surprised to come with some yellow shoes or a red wallet, risking unexpected combinations. Blue predominates in the most varied looks, in structured uniforms or in more fluid lines, as was seen in this recent intervention.

If these hints of the early 80’s give some an air of being overly dated, Truss is also known to like to shake up the costumes – not always in the most successful way, of course. The days when she opted for a set of hot pink pants suit or in which he dared to combine a Knee-length skirt with ankle boots they would not have been the happiest in terms of clothing and remain to this day on the darkest side of the collective imagination — moreover, the irreproachable mastery of the art of tailoring is still an unfulfilled promise.

Conservative Party Leadership Run Continues

Boris’s former Foreign Minister on one of the arrivals in Downing Street for the usual weekly meeting. This June 25, 2019, the pink color block did not go unnoticed, in what would have been one of the boldest wardrobe choices © Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Elizabeth has already been photographed leaving the house with practical sneakers and in October 2021 The Times did not hesitate to label her a new influencer on Instagram. “The fashion scrutiny to which women politicians are subjected may seem unfair. And even. However, it can be divided into a kind of potency. What may seem like a vulnerability can become a source of strength. A civil servant who worked with Truss years ago remembers her”always looking impeccable and colorful, while all the male politicians looked bored.”

To the Daily Mail, Truss would confess that her style guru is her teenage offspring, probably the same one who instilled in her a taste for singer Taylor Swift. Despite being “quite restrained”, a look is enough to suggest that the mother should not leave the house with this or that outfit. “There was a style transformation, courtesy of her 13-year-old daughter Liberty, You Magazine noted in 2019. “She has a very colorful pop idea,” Liz admitted. “She Shops at places like New Look and River Island, and introduces me to places I wouldn’t think too much.”

The power of networks is no stranger to the woman who has played several roles at Westminster since starting her career in 2010. Truss is an outspoken Instagram enthusiast — so much so that officials at the Department of International Trade jokingly said that worked in the Department of Instagramming Truss. “Ironically, she did the entire Instagram herself”, says one of them. Free from shyness, it’s where Liz either poses with military equipment on a tank in Estonia, on an aircraft carrier, or riding a bike with an umbrella in the colors of the UK flag. Of course, she doesn’t get rid of less successful moments, which in two moments turn into viral events. Like the day he appeared in a record that looked more like something out of Handmaid’s Tale.

It will be much more difficult to identify a disarray in the candidate with whom these weeks share attention — or at least there are other reasons for repair. When it comes to grooming and image care, there is little doubt that Rishi Sunak stars in a clear upgrade in reaction to Boris Johnson. In such a strong way, it may be said, that the fashion options do not escape the criticism of the most austere, especially in a moment of pre-announced crisis. With a style tailored to a GQ cover, which has already consecrated “Dishi Rishi” as one of the most fancy, the 42-year-old former finance minister often pays for the excess of sophistication and preference for brands upperclass. “More Southampton, less Silicon Valley”mocked The Telegraph in this wake-up call to the candidate who is vying for the lead with Truss, in a long-distance race with a target scheduled for September 5th.

True to the strictest and most exclusive Saville Row standards, the label Henry Herbert did not go unnoticed inside Sunak’s blazer. much less the shoes prada of brown suede (which is close to 500 pounds, or 597 euros) that he chose to take to the scene of a work, which perhaps would advise a more economical option. Details that perhaps escape the understanding of an ordinary billionaire.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Rishi Sunak Visits Teesside

On the 16th of July, the visit to some works in Teesside made a difference, among other things, for the footwear chosen by Rishi, in the image flanked by Mayor Ben Houchen. Sunak ventured into the terrain with his brown suede Prada. © Ian Forsyth/Getty Images.

It is worth considering that Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murthy, are worth together, the Sunday Times estimated in May, something like 730 million pounds (872 million euros), when combined both fortunes. And that if some criticize expensive tastes, others wonder: how far should a privileged person hide his privilege? Does cheap jewelry do more for a candidate than luxury soles? Is it possible to determine clear winners of this fight? “Rishi Sunak is a very rich man. It’s no surprise that he walks around shopping for expensive clothes instead of looking for bargains at charity shops. Let me remind you: he could spend a lot more than £3,500 on a tailored suit. The fancy clothes from Huntsman or Kilgour can go into the five figures,” notes a former House of Commons official.

In an era when many European households face difficult decisions, The Telegraph rehearses some modesty tips for Sunak and, why not, coolness, how to appear more often in shirt sleeves, as Barack Obama so well starred. “It doesn’t sit well with this crisis in the cost of living, with people having to choose between heating or food. He may have to resort to tailored suits to fit his frame, but there are more affordable ways to do that. Try Burtons, Reiss or Ted Baker.” Not only does Prada live the politician who relies on Common Projects sneakers (always in the hundreds), Palm Angels flip-flops, the 180-pound smart thermos, the morning exercise at Peloton, and who continues to spend 13,000 pounds (16 thousand euros) per year to heat your swimming pool.

Boris Johnson's Post-Brexit Cabinet Reshuffle

Slim ties and tailored suits elongate Sunak’s silhouette. Henry Herbert, one of the Saville Row institutions, is among the former finance minister’s favorites, on his way to No. 1. © Getty Images

“Married since 2009, Rishi and his wife own a range of luxury properties worth an estimated £15 million, from a Pacific penthouse opposite a celebrity enclave in Santa Monica to a mansion in North Yorkshire. In London, they own two properties, including a five-bedroom house in Kensington and a pied-à-terre apartment on Old Brompton Road in South Kensington.

Consensus on this matter is unlikely. As much as modesty is a safe path, a style icon is always a style icon. One hoodie gray hoodie over shirt and tie? Check. And now, the hoodie is it cashmere? In March 2020, with the pandemic outside, Sunak led what has since been coined as the “chancellor chic” style, in reference to the relaxed look he showed his followers while working from home.

In November of that year, for The Standard, Chloe Street dissected Rishi Sunak’s “winning wardrobe”, a “confident exercise” in permanent affirmation, underlining the inevitable readings. “Does it matter if a politician is well dressed? No, in the sense that a poorly dressed politician can do a good job, it doesn’t matter. However, Margaret Thatcher’s power suits, Michael Foot’s green coat, Jeremy Corbyn’s cap and kitten heels Theresa May’s leopard prints are proof that we notice if our political leaders know how to manage a wardrobe. And Sunak is exceptionally well dressed.”

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