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Readers of the famous magazine Travel + Leisure classifiedin the ranking World’s Best Awards 2022, the best international airports in the world. After two more difficult years of the pandemic, many people no longer wanted to postpone the long-awaited international trip and embarked on adventures never explored before. The experiences at the airports, therefore, have become, even more, a fundamental part for the good use of the trip!

Criteria for the list were access, check-in/security, restaurants/bars, shopping and design. And just like last year, Asian and Middle Eastern airports remain favorites for T+L’s frequent travelers. We’ve separated 8 for you to check out:

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

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No surprises here: this airport has been a favorite since the category was included in the T&L ranking in 2013. In addition to praising the incredible layout – very easy to move around, friendly service and impeccable cleanliness, travelers highlight the options entertainment venue! The restaurants and shopping points in the terminals are darlings, but what stands out the most are the plant and butterfly gardens, the rooftop pool and the 24-hour cinema. (yes, 24 hours!) Whoever passes by is enchanted and even feels a certain pity to have to leave! “Singapore is as if you were in a VIP room all the time”, defines my colleague Leonardo Cassol. “There is the fastest internet I’ve ever used and it’s free”, he concludes.

2. Istanbul Airport

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Istanbul’s new airport had already shone on its debut in the rankings last year! And in this one, he continued doing well. One of the travelers commented that the airport is a destination in itself: “You don’t feel like you’re flying somewhere.” It opened in 2018, but started operations only in April 2019. With an already incredible capacity to receive passengers, it has not yet been fully opened, the second phase is expected to end in 2026. But the experience of Istanbul travelers it got a lot better with its opening, as the former main international airport, Atatürk, is quite small. Read our Istanbul airport review.

3. Hamad International Airport, Doha

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Hamad International in Doha, Qatar, jumped two places to 3rd. This airport was designed to ensure comfort and convenience to passengers. It has ATMs, currency exchange shops, smoking rooms throughout the terminal, equipped to ensure everyone’s safety. Connectivity is also a priority, it has free wireless internet, islands with available computers and telephone booths. The care for all age groups ranges from family bathrooms, to some activities available for the little ones to entertain themselves. Another highlight are the prayer rooms, very important for some of the predominant religions in the region.

4. Dubai International Airport

Dubai is a popular destination for its incredible and technological architecture and for its famous and luxurious shopping centers. And it seems that fate is not far behind when it comes to airports, see?! One of the busiest in the world, it has several restaurant options, an excellent shopping center, a wide range of services and even a SPA for those who need to relax a little more.

5. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

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This airport is highly awarded in international rankings. It has several restaurants, museum, cinema, and an excellent hotel! It draws attention precisely for its entertainment sector – and there is even a room of silence there, with cozy and comfortable places for passengers to relax. The architecture is beautiful and has several technological resources – even some little robots circling around to clear up passengers’ doubts.

6. Hong Kong International Airport

Another one that stands out for its leisure and entertainment options. In addition to the many restaurants and shopping venues, you can also take advantage of technological innovations such as the Crystal Elevator, which displays images of the destination in vibrant colors. It is also possible to enjoy the Jardins da Cachoeira, there are two – one in the south wing and the other in the north wing. They are huge multimedia panels, displaying beautiful images of gardens and waterfalls. This interactive world promises moments of relaxation and pleasure day and night, in style Hong Kong.

7. Zurich Airport

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