Check out these great iPhone shortcuts — and an extra tip!

Ever since the technology emerged, it has been intended to be the extension of the human arms. The only thing needed is to direct it and it then takes charge of executing as requested, improving and scaling the work that was previously performed by human hands.

Automation tools were created to take this further and help us from the simplest tasks to the most expensive and complex. The good thing is that Apple continues to act as an intermediary and provides us with beautiful tools such as the app Shortcuts (shortcuts).

How much can a tool help us on a daily basis? Well, one Reddit user even reported that Shortcuts literally “changed his life” by making him so efficient at the job he got promoted!

Whether for a more professional purpose or to use for more trivial things, there is no doubt that the Shortcuts app is a great hand on the wheel. Each one uses more or less shortcuts according to their needs, but we’ve put together some of them that can be commonly useful (and an extra tip at the end).

Let’s go to them?!

As of the latest Shazam update, songs recognized in the Control Center shortcut are synced to the app and you have access to your complete history. The app, being from Apple, shows you an option to play the track on Apple Music.

Shazam++ Shortcut

the shortcut Shazam++ unfortunately it doesn’t save the history, but with it you can choose where to play the song after recognizing it. Good right? After all, you might not be a big fan of Apple Music…

As we’ve talked about extensively in this post, this shortcut is wonderful for when you need to look up some password (stored natively on your iPhone) and don’t want to go to the trouble of going all the way there, through Settings.

Passwords Shortcut on iOS

Just add the shortcut to the Home screen and tap it whenever you need it!

For some strange reason, several shortcuts intended to shorten URLs keep crashing. This shortcut specifically is interesting as it gives you two service options to choose from: or

The good thing is, if one doesn’t work at that moment, just use the other and so on.

If you often think faster than you can write, perhaps using the dictation feature is a good option. So, this shortcut allows you to create a note from dictated text, and it even automatically saves the exact time the note was captured.

Yes, I know that one of the pillars of productivity is that you only have one alarm. But sometimes it is necessary to break this rule.

Multiple alarms - Siri Shortcuts

For situations like this, you can use this shortcut, which will create several alarms at once — you just determine the interval between them. It is also possible to define the time of the first alarm or choose a time to ring the last one.

Maybe that’s how you make the “just five more minutes” official? 🤭

Nowadays, one of the phrases we ask or are asked the most is “what is the Wi-Fi password?” — so much so that even a parody of it exists. If you have people in your house or place of work and would like to easily share Wi-Fi without even having to say the password, you can generate a QR code for the other person to scan and connect to the internet.

QR code WiFi Shortcuts

This process will be much easier with this shortcut, which automatically generates a QR code and appears on the screen faster. The first time you run the shortcut, you will have to enter the network name and password. Next time, it will already show the code.

You can always go to the shortcut settings and change the name and password in case something changes on your local network. 😉

We already published a post about this shortcut. However, as its value is priceless, we decided to list it in this compilation as well. 🤣

The Call on Zap shortcut allows you to open a WhatsApp conversation without having to add the number to your contacts. It is very useful if you want to get in touch with someone just once, or to request assistance at an establishment, for example.

If you are curious to know which of the shortcuts is part of the MacMagazine uses, we can say that this iFrames is one of them. It makes the job of taking a screenshot and automatically placing it in a frame much easier. In the case of this shortcut, you can also choose which device you want to place your screenshot on — yes, that’s how I created all the images in this post.

iFrame Siri Shortcuts

It is worth remembering that the MacStories has the very similar shortcut, called Apple Frames. Despite being less flexible (you have less control), it works just as well and is frequently updated by them.

If you would like to extract a single page or a few pages from a PDF with many, this shortcut helps you in this task. When opening a PDF with this shortcut, it will ask if you would like to extract only “a few pages” or “most pages”.

Shortcuts Extract PDF

If you choose the first option, you will only be able to mark the ones you want to extract, while if you choose the second option, you will see all the selected pages and then select the ones you would not like to extract.

Another possibility of working with PDF shortcuts is to transform its content into images. With this shortcut, you do just that and very quickly. The big “but” is that you won’t be able to choose the pages — if your intention is to extract just one or a few. All content will be converted to images. If you only need specific pages, it’s worth running both shortcuts to get the job done faster.

Although iOS 16 has a built-in measurement converter, you may need to convert some measurements on a daily basis. If the need arises, this shortcut will help you convert acceleration, area, duration, electrical power, energy, width, mass, velocity, temperature, and volume.

This counter shortcut for any date is great not only to see how many days are left for a specific event, but also to publicize it. That is, once you enter the date (which is in month/day/year format) and the time (if you have it), you can name your event and then the shortcut will create a page on the DateCountdown site. So that page can be embedded somewhere else or sent to whomever you want.

This shortcut promises something similar to the previous one: counting the time between dates. The big difference is that you can receive the distance result in different formats.

Shortcuts Time Between Dates

You can know the total time (days, hours and minutes), or you can specify it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.

This shortcut is very simple and basic: it allows you to be notified as soon as a specific battery percentage (which you choose) is reached. Maybe you want to charge your device just a little or enough to last the day. If so, you can use this shortcut to get notified when you reach your desired percentage.

You know when you copy large text and want to use it, but something in it needs to be modified or tweaked? When this happens, you edit the text, and to send it back to the clipboard you will need to select it all over again, copy and paste it where you want it.

Well, this shortcut will help you. Just copy what you want and tap on the shortcut. You can edit as much as you want, and when you’re done, just tap “OK” — that’s it, the modified text will already be on your clipboard to be pasted wherever you want.

Extra tip!

You may already know this extra tip, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory of how cool it is.

There is a built-in system feature that makes you take your experience with shortcuts further. It is about Play Back (Back Tap)an accessibility feature that lets you access any of your shortcuts (or other system options) quickly, just by double or triple tapping the back of your iPhone.

So, if you use a shortcut very often and would like to access it quickly, just go to Settings » Accessibility » Tap » Tap Back » Choose a shortcut for Double Tap and/or Triple Tap.

If you enjoy finding new shortcuts, check out the RoutineHub website or the MacStories — two good sources that are frequently fed and updated.

And if you’re interested in testing it out or would like to share more shortcuts, feel free to do so in the comments below. 😉

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