Corinthians defeated and loses 100% of use in the second phase of the Paulisto Sub-17

Corinthians visited Novorizontino this Saturday, at Estádio Municipal Silvio Sales, for the fifth round and second phase of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-17. The alvinegra team was defeated by the home team by 2 to 0 and lost 100% of success in the second phase of the competition.

The two teams played a fiercely contested match with clear scoring chances for both sides. Novorizontino started the match better, putting pressure on Corinthians, but the alvinegra team soon took the lead and commanded the second half of the first half, creating good opportunities with shots from outside the area with Kallil.

In the second stage, the team that played at home changed the strategy and closed itself completely, betting on the counterattack. The change paid off and in two counterattacks Novorizontino scored their two goals. A great goal from a bicycle with Arthur and another with José Antônio, who invaded the Timão area and displaced goalkeeper Danilo, sealed the victory.

With the result, Corinthians remains the leader of its group in an isolated way, with 12 points added in five games played and already guaranteed for the next phase of the competition. Novorizontino, reaches nine points and decides its life in the competition in the last round, against Mirassol, which also has the same number of points as Novorizontino.

In the second phase, it is worth remembering, the 32 remaining teams are divided into eight groups with four members in each. The teams play in turn and return, ranking the two with the most points.

Write it down, Faithful! – Timãozinho’s next appointment will take place next Wednesday, August 9, at 3:30 pm, at Arena Barueri. Corinthians will face their rival Palmeiras, for the Brazilian Under-17 Championship.


Coach Guilherme Dalla Déa almost repeated the same lineup of the last match of the U-17 team. The only change was the entry of Léo Agostinho in place of Miguel.

Thus, Timão went to the field with the following lineup: Matheus Roger; Pelegrini, Matheus Rocha, Nicollas and Kaio; Yago, Kallil and Yuske; Pedro Gomes, Léo Agostinho and Ruan.

On the bench, the alvinegra team had nine other players: Cadu, Cesar, Rafael Venâncio, André Luiz, Enzo, Wallison, Miguel, Roberto and Alex.

The game

First time

The first five minutes were very truncated, with both teams respecting each other a lot and not being able to risk many plays. Until Novorizontino started to loosen up more on his right side and bothered Corinthians.

In two plays with Arthur, Novorizontino had two great chances to open the scoring. At six minutes the attacker received a free kick inside the area and ended the header, four minutes later he made another good move, cutting to the middle and finishing strong, forcing Corinthians goalkeeper Matheus Roger to make a good save.

After the strong start of the opposing team, Corinthians began to fit in better in the match. Timão increased his marking and made it difficult for the opponent to leave the ball, with that he recovered the ball quickly and started to have more possession of the ball.

In the 16th minute, the Corinthians team created their first big chance and it was with Leo Agostinho. The was knocked down in the opponent’s intermediate, suffering the foul, the same hits and the ball passed to the right, close to the post, taking a lot of danger to the goalkeeper Danilo Fonseca.

After the stop for hydration, Novorizontino came back on and had a great chance to open the scoring. In the 23rd minute, midfielder Matheus dos Anjos stole the ball in the middle of Timão and released a bomb, and the ball passed close to the Corinthians goal. Almost on goal in Catanduva.

Corinthians responded two minutes later. The boys from Terrão raised the mark and stole the ball from the opponent, which left for Kallil, who finished from the edge of the area and the ball passed close to the left post of Novorizontino.

In the 32nd minute, Timão was in danger again. Léo Agostinho made a good move on the left side and found Kallil, free, at the entrance of the area, the midfielder released another bomb, forcing goalkeeper Danilo to make another good save. Two minutes later, Pedro Gomes tries another shot from outside the area, forcing the opposing goalkeeper to make another save.

At the end of the first half, Corinthians scored a goal, in another good move by Léo Agostinho, who launched Pelegrini, who invaded the area and scored, but the linesman ended up signaling the offside.

Second time

Timão returned from the break with two changes. The players who participated the most in the match left: Léo Agostinho and Kallil. The two youngsters were replaced and André Luiz and Roberto took their places.

The final stage started very busy, with chances for both sides. In the first minute Yuske crossed in the area, André Luiz disputed it with a header and the ball would be clean for Pedro Gomes, but the Novorizontino defender took the danger away at the right time.

The opponent responded soon after, in a counterattack led by José Antônio, who received the ball from Diego, advanced on the right, cut to the middle and tried to get Matheus Somália, who ended up passing the ball and the Corinthians defender managed to keep the danger.

After the busy start of the second half, the home team adopted the tactic of closing in the defense field and looking for the counterattack, making it very difficult for Timão to create plays. As a result, the game took a turn for the worse, with Corinthians lifting many balls over the top and Novorizontino looking for space to counterattack.

On the return of the second to technical, it was Corinthians that came back more connected and almost opened the scoring. In the 23rd minute, Pedro Gomes made a great move, passed two markers and sent a good ball to Roberto, who finished and forced the Novorizontino goalkeeper to make a save. Four minutes later, Timão returned to danger with Yuske, who finished from the edge of the area and the ball passed close to goalkeeper Danilo’s crossbar.

In the 30th minute, Novorizontino started to bring danger to Timão and managed to open the scoring. In a counterattack set up by José Antônio, who passed to Diego, who entered the area free and forced goalkeeper Matheus to make a good save. In the next move, Novorizontino raised their mark, surprised Corinthians and managed to regain possession of the ball with José Antônio, who lifted the ball in the area and right-back Arthur, turned a bicycle and ended up scoring a great goal.

With the disadvantage and with one player less, as Pelegrini was sent off after receiving the second yellow card, in the 35th minute, Corinthians exposed itself more and gave a lot of space to the opposing team, which ended up taking advantage. In the 37th minute, José Antônio, who was one of the best of the match, came out free on the counterattack, came face to face with goalkeeper Matheus Roger and the Timão archer moved, expanding the score and securing the victory.

After the second goal scored by the home team, the game was lukewarm and both teams were unable to create more opportunities and continued like this until the end of the match.

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