Cruzeiro: Sass remembers Fred’s uproar with audio by Thiago Neves

photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press

Sass and Fred were strike partners on Cruzeiro

“Hey Zez, good morning man.” The audio sent by Thiago Neves to the former Cruzeiro manager, Zez Perrella, on the eve of the decisive duel against CSA, for the 2019 Brazilian Championship, went viral on social media and became a joke against Cruzeiro fans. What few knew was how the repercussion was inside Fox’s dressing room.

In an interview with Charla Podcast, striker Sass, a former player for the celestial team, recalled the leaked audio. The player revealed that ex-striker Fred was the one who most joked about the situation.

“Fred took this thing from Thiago Neves, the ‘speak Zez, good morning man’, and translated it into all languages. He put it in every language and preached it in the dressing room. Fred reviews a lot,” said Sass.

The recording by Thiago Neves aimed at Perrella came to the public on November 29, 2019, the day after the 1-0 defeat to CSA in Mineiro, for the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship. At the end of the competition, Raposa ended up relegated to Serie B in 17th, with 36 points – as well as the Alagoans, in 18th, with 32.

At one point in the leaked recording, the Cruzeiro midfielder provokes his opponent: “If we don’t beat CSA, for God’s sake,” he said at the time.

Even the favorite, the Minas Gerais team ended up being defeated 1-0 – the midfielder even missed a penalty – in a remarkable game of that unparalleled relegation campaign for Serie B.

Full audio by Thiago Neves

“Say Zez, good morning, man. Let me tell you something. I’m thinking here, I know it’s hard for you to get resources, I know you’re running after, but I’m speaking for myself, I haven’t talked to anyone See if you can’t at least pay that other 60% before Thursday’s game, you don’t even need to have animals, you know, to win a game. You don’t need to get a prize to win the game, because it’s our obligation to win this game. It’s crazy! If we don’t win the CSA, for God’s sake. P, make that effort for us to, until Thursday , try to hit those 60% that are behind their salary”.

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