Dark Nights #78 | The best horror movies of the first half of 2022

We are already more than halfway through the year and 2022 has been surprising with great horror, thriller and science fiction films that have certainly left their marks. Whether with murderers, paranormal activities or even bizarre situations, these films guarantee great scares and prove that this year has been special for the genre.

In addition, the second half of 2022 promises many more adventures in the field of horror, with no! in Jordan Peele arriving in August in theaters and also Halloween End in October, the last film of the new trilogy of Michael Myers.

But, if you are out of touch with what has already been released and want precious tips to avoid bombs, check out the following list:


Nightmare Alley: Meet the cast and characters of the film

movie from Guillermo Del Toro, The Nightmare Alley premiered in January of this year and was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. In the story, a crook played by Bradley Cooper enters a “circus of horrors”, there he learns how to manipulate people with clairvoyant shows.

Available at Star+.

REVIEW – Nightmare Alley (2022, Guillermo del Toro)


panic - best horror movies

Ten years after the last film, the franchise returns to the cinema. panic 5 revived one of the best horror sagas and did not disappoint fans. Woodsboro suffers once again from a new assassin who dons the mask of ghostface and begins to terrorize a group of teenagers who have ties to former residents.

Available on telecine.

Dark Nights #60 | Scream 5 and the never-ending self-reference


fresh - best horror movies

fresh it is one of those films that arrives without major advertisements, but that endears itself to the public for its wit. Director’s debut film Mimi Cave and with sebastian stan in the cast, it’s a great choice to embark on the slasher subgenre. In the synopsis, a young woman meets a mysterious and charming man, soon they become intimate, but he hides some dark secrets.

Available at Star+.

REVIEW – Fresh (2022, Mimi Cave)


Robert Eggers is certainly one of the new names in the horror genre, the director of The witch (2015) returns to the screens with the man of the north, a Viking tale about a man who must save his mother, kill his uncle and avenge his father. Although the film has many more action casts, it is indisputable that it also presents some of the horror that consecrated the director.

To rent Apple TV and Prime Video.

REVIEW – The Man in the North (2022, Robert Eggers)


Lamb - best horror movies

One of the good surprises of the first half of the year, lamb from the famous producer A24 it’s a kind of horror fantasy that pushes the boundaries of weirdness in a captivating way. In the film, a childless farmer couple finds a new child to take care of, but this being goes beyond the limits of nature.

Available on MUBI.


everything everywhere at the same time

This film generated a real commotion among cinephiles and despite having more science fiction characteristics, it certainly could not be left out of this list. Everything Everywhere at the Same Time is about a woman played by the talented Michelle Yeoh who must fight the bizarre dangers of the multiverse.

Available for rent at Apple TV and Amazon Video.

REVIEW – Everything Everywhere at the Same Time (2022, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert)


x - the mark of death

X – The Mark of Death quickly become a hit with fans in the genre, it can be an ode to 80s slasher movies and bring in some great actors in the cast. In the story, a group of young people decide to go to rural Texas to make a pornographic film, the result could not be different: lots of blood and sex.

Available in cinemas.

Dark Nights #77 | X – The Mark of Death (2022, Ti West)


Based on a tale of Joe Hillson of the master of horror literature Stephen King, the black phone It’s a body-shattering movie. With a powerful performance of Ethan Hawkethe feature tells the story of a boy who is kidnapped by a sadistic assassin who prowls his neighborhood.

Available in cinemas.

REVIEW – The Black Phone (2022, Scott Derickson)


After a few years away from the movies, David Cronenberg returns with a very intimate and quirky original script. crimes of the future explores a dystopian future where humanity feels almost no more pain. With a bet on body horrorthe feature has in the cast names such as Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart.

Available at MUBI.

REVIEW – Crimes of the Future (2022, David Cronenberg)

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