David Zaslav’s DC Plans Leak; Black Adam will be the first film in the new DCEU

According to an alleged leak on the website 4Chan, Black Adam will be the first film in the new DC cinematic shared universe and Jason Momoa will be the only DCEU star who will continue in the new dcnauta franchise.

The leaked information states several surprises, such as that Black Adam will be the first film in the new DCEU, which may be called the Justice League Cinematic Universe (UCLJ, or JLCU, in English), that Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman, will be the only actor of the old DC franchise to continue in his role and that Superman will be introduced in black adam 2.

The 4Chan source (via twitter) also points out other dcnauts series and films that should be canceled, such as Blue Beetle, Penguin and Arkham.

Check out this leak of David Zaslav’s plans for DC:

“Zaslav really has a vision for a reboot. Their cancellation of all these lesser-known heroes is freeing up capital to make these huge-budget reboot movies.

He believes, like many other insiders, that after Black Panther II, Marvel will begin to decline.

Marvel has plans to basically release their own final card (the X Men), but not for at least 7 years before they have no choice but to do a full reboot.

David Zaslav believes he has a ten-year window before Iron Man and Captain America return to the big screen.

In that ten-year window, he wants to make as much money as possible from the most iconic culminations of the real Justice League Cinematic Universe.

The first film in this cinematic universe is Black Adam. Black Adam 2 will lead to the introduction of Superman. Black Adam is the “Thanos” of the JLCU.

HBO Max is NOT breaking, but Max originals’ budgets will be slashed like crazy. As a result, Penguin and Arkham are dead.

So basically, with all of Marvel’s most iconic heroes out of the game (except Thor, but if you’ve seen the new one, you know your days are numbered), Zaslev sees this as an opportunity to fill that void with the most iconic characters. from DC.

Black Superman, Constantine, Zatanna, Blue Beetle and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman are out. Only Momoa will remain.”

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Black Adam, the JLCU’s first film, will be released on October 20 in Brazilian cinemas.

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