Director talks about Hercules’ future in the MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder may have divided public opinion, but it is undeniable that the film, in its post-credits scene, introduced us to one of the characters that could become one of the most important in the MCU.


The character in question is Hercules, son of Zeus, also seen in the newest Thor movie. During the scene he is sent after Thor, by his father, as revenge for the god of thunder for almost killing him.

This cameo, while quick, opens doors to a great future for Hercules within the MCU, and in a Q&A at a screening of the film, director Taika Waititi said that the Hercules introduction will be “opening up a whole new thing”something of which he “will not be invited to participate”:

Hercules - Thor: Love and Thunder

“And so it’s like, let’s introduce Hercules, and um, that didn’t make sense to me, I didn’t even know it was a Marvel character, but um, apparently it is, and um… It was good, I know it’s totally opening something up. new, uh, which I won’t be invited to come and be a part of, but I’m happy for everyone who loves the Greek gods.”

Although the director hints that the future of Hercules is not in his hands, it is very likely that the fifth Thor movie will happen with his return to direct, to complete the new trilogy of the god of thunder in his new era in the hands of Taika. Waititi.

The future of Hercules should happen only in a probable Thor 5, however, although we still don’t have any official information of his return or any official announcement of the fifth film of the god of thunder. For a while…

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Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth God of Thunder film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It features the return of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor, worthy of Mjolnir. The film also promises to confirm Valkyrie as an LGBT character, bringing a romantic interest to the new Queen of Asgard.

The film is directed by Oscar winner Taika Waititi, who writes the screenplay alongside Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Someone special). Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Christian Bale (Gorr), Chris Pratt (Peter Quill) and Taika himself (Korg) are confirmed in the cast. The film is now showing in Brazilian cinemas! Is it GOOD or BAD? Check out our review CLICKING HERE!

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