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We have reached the end of another week with many discussions about the world of technology at Tecnoblog Community. Even with the new technologies, the formatting of computers is still a subject that can generate conversations, as we saw in our forum. Check out the most talked about topics on Community between July 30th and August 5th.

Computer Image - TB Community cover
Do you still format your computer? Discussions in the TB Community. (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Is formatting the computer still important?

Formatting the computer was a relatively common activity in the not too distant past. Those who are “old” used to have the habit of formatting the PC when they started to observe slowness or strange behavior on the machine.

Currently this activity has become less frequent or almost unnecessary in the eyes of many people. However, when it is necessary to execute it after a long time, doubts may arise, as in the case of TNatanael.

TB Community Review

the staff of Community seems not to be a big fan of modern computer formatting and usually perform the procedure only after long periods, as they say crmuniz and imhotep.

TB Community Review
TB Community Review

others like Felipe_Silva and Francis they prefer to format the computer when performing some kind of hardware upgrade such as replacing an HD/SSD or changing software.

TB Community Review
TB Community Review

Now that you know a little about our point of view Community, how about taking the opportunity to leave your opinion on the subject? Or maybe you want to share some story. After all, who never formatted their computer unnecessarily, right?

Other topics that resonated in the Community

Other interesting topics also marked the week at TB community. Check out the links below.

  1. Does anyone still use or have used 4shared?
  2. Roku Express and YouTube Live / Internet Server Location Swap
  3. How to install ad blocker on TV?
  4. Partition or not the external HD?

In addition to the discussions proposed by the members, our team of authors produces a significant amount of articles, reports and reviews that also generate debates.

See below for the most successful discussions.

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Anatel proposes charging R$ 2.60 per GB in roaming; TIM wants almost twice as much
  2. WhatsApp Paid vs Telegram Premium; What’s in each signature?
  3. Vivo releases 5G on the 3.5 GHz frequency in more capitals at no additional cost
  4. Apple says Colombia violated its human rights by banning iPhones
  5. Golden tips to enter the IT market on the right foot
WhatsApp Paid vs Telegram Premium;  What's in each signature?  (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)
WhatsApp Paid vs Telegram Premium; What’s in each signature? (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)

In 2022, WhatsApp and Telegram made paid modalities available on their services that offer users extra features, such as the possibility of transforming audio files into text and the creation of larger groups. Are any of these services worth it? Check out our guide on WhatsApp Paid vs Telegram Premium to find out.

The search for replacement in the job market or even the search for better vacancies is always a challenge. The IT market, despite the country’s economic difficulties, continues in a positive scenario.

TB special cover
Get closer to working with technology. (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Although technical knowledge is the basic requirement, it is not the only requirement for hiring. Increasingly, communication and behavior skills are required and can be a differentiator for a candidate. You can delve into the subject in our special on the golden tips for entering the IT market.

That’s it folks, be sure to follow the technoblog and participate in discussions in the Community.

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