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Anna Muylaert and Lô Politi, were awarded in best direction for the film Alvorada

Anna Muylaert and Lô Politi, were awarded for best direction for the film “Alvorada” – (Photo: Reproduction / Estadão)

In its first edition, the CCXP Awards took place on Friday night (15), at Sala São Paulo, downtown. In a two-hour ceremony, presenter and journalist Tiago Leifert led the night, which seeks to be a reference in the appreciation of culture, especially in what is produced within Brazilian borders.

During the awards, 32 trophies – affectionately nicknamed Glória – were given to the best works, artists and content creators in six areas: films, series, literature, games & eSports, comics and content creators. It is worth noting that only the categories of movies, series and games have a single subcategory that will award the best on a global scale. In all others, the competitors are national.

In addition to Leifert, some Brazilian personalities, such as Antônio Tabet, Ed Gama and Dani Calabresa, presented the categories, introducing the competitors and announcing the winners. With Oscar pomp and formal attire, the winners took to the stage to give thanks and tell their stories. Among the winners, diversity shone with the victory of personalities such as Liniker for best actress in a series and Renata Carvalho for best actress in a film.

In one of the most anticipated awards of the night, Marcello Quintanilha won the award for best comic artist, while the comic Arlindo took the award for Best Comic, yielding an emotional statement from IlustraLu. “Arlindo is a love letter for everyone. For everyone we were, for everyone we are and for everyone we love”, she said, in the speech. In literature, Elke: Wonder Woman won best nonfiction, while The Monster Delivery Service won best fiction.

In the cinema category, some surprises, such as the victory of Judas e o Messias Negro in best film, A Última Floresta as best national film and Alvorada, by Anna Muylaert and Lô Politi, in best direction — yielding an emotional and surprised speech by Hello Politi. A pity, however, that it was an “empty” award, with winners such as Seu Jorge and Renata Carvalho absent.

Check out, below, all the winners of the CCXP Awards on this Friday night. The ceremony can be watched on the official YouTube channel:

Best Film of the Year (Global)

The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machines

Attack of the Dogs

Druk – One More Round


Judas and the Black Messiah

Best Film (Brazil)

The Last Forest


Provisional Measure

Eduardo and Monica

Monica’s Gang: Lessons

Best Direction (BR)

Anita Rocha da Silveira (Medusa)

Anna Muylaert and Lô Politi (Alvorada)

Daniel Rezende (Turma da Mônica:Lessons)

Lázaro Ramos (Provisional Measure)

Luiz Bolognesi (The Last Forest)

Best Actor (BR)

César Mello (Doctor Gama)

Gabriel Leone (Eduardo and Monica)

Irandhir Santos (Piedade)

Lázaro Ramos (The Silence of the Rain)

Seu Jorge (Marighella)

Best Actress (BR)

Alice Braga (Eduardo and Monica)

Grace Orsato (My Name is Baghdad)

Jessica Ellen (Cabeça de Nêgo)

Renata Carvalho (Dry Wind)

Taís Araújo (Provisional Measure)

Best Series of the Year (Global)

round 6




Ted Lasso

Best Series (BR)

Invisible City

September mornings

The Evandro Case


Under pressure

Best Actor in a Series (BR)

Christian Malheiros (Tuning)

Fábio Assunção (Where is My Heart)

Flavio Tolezani (DOM)

Gabriel Leone (DOM)

Selton Mello (Therapy Session)

Best Actress in a Series (BR)

Alessandra Negrini (Invisible City)

Hermila Guedes (Second Call)

Leticia Colin (Where Is My Heart)

Leticia Colin (Therapy Session)

Liniker (September mornings)

Best Comics (BR)


Tacky Story

Carrion and the Mystic Shield: Part Two The Guardianship of the Occult


Listen, Formosa Marcia

Best Cartoonist (BR)

Gidalti Jr. – Brega Story

Ilustralu (Luiza de Souza) – Arlindo

Laertes – Minotaur’s Handbook

Marcello Quintanilha – Listen, Formosa Marcia

Shiko – Carrion and the Mystic Shield: The Guardianship of the Occult

Best Album (BR)


Tacky Story

Carrion and the Mystic Shield: Part Two The Guardianship of the Occult

Listen, Formosa Marcia


Best Strip and Web-strip (BR)

The Urn – Amanda Miranda

Anésia & Dolores

How I Survived COVID-19 and Friends! (Strip)

Minotaur’s Handbook

Te Rex: Zapzombie

Best Screenwriter (BR)

Gabriel Nascimento – The shortest distance between two points is an escape

Ilustralu (Luiza de Souza) – Arlindo

Kash Fyre – Espectaculare Meneghetti

Leandro Assis and Triscila Oliveira – Confinada

Marcello Quintanilha – Listen, Formosa Marcia

Best Designer (BR)

Shiko – Carrion and the Mystic Shield: The Guardianship of the Occult

Orlandeli – Chico Bento – Truths

Guilherme Petreca – Shamisen: Songs from the Floating World

Camilo Solano – Small Town

Gidalti Jr. – Brega Story

Best Art – Finalist (BR)

Alcimar Frazão – Lovistori

Amanda Miranda – The Urn

Gidalti Jr. – Brega Story

Leandro Assis – Confined

Orlandeli – Chico Bento – Truth

Best Colorist (BR)

Fabi Marques – Anne of Green Gables

Guilherme Petreca – Shamisen: Songs from the Floating World

Ilustralu (Luiza de Souza) – Arlindo

Orlandeli – Chico Bento – Truth

Shiko – Carrion and the Mystic Shield: The Guardianship of the Occult

Best Game (Global)

It Takes Two

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

Metroid Dread

Psychonauts 2

Resident Evil Village

Best Game (BR)

Aspire: Ina’s Tale

Dodgeball Academia (Pocket Trap / Humble Games)

Unsighted (Studio Pixel Punk)

Best Competitive Game (BR)

Free Fire

R6 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Best Mobile Game (BR)

Free Fire

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Pokemon Unite

Best ORG (BR)




paiN Gaming

RED Canids Kalunga

Best Male Pro Player (BR)

Andrei “Art” Piovezan

Gabriel “Aegis” Lemos

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Gustavo “Sacy”

Yago “Yago.exe” Vinícius

Best Female Pro-Player (BR)

Bruna “Bizinha” Marvila

Elizabeth “Liz” de Sousa

Gabriela “GaB” Scheffer

Karina “kaah” Takahashi

Natalia “Daiki” Vilela

Best Fiction Book (BR)

The extinction of bees

The Monster Delivery Service

The Last Ancestor

Best non-fiction book (BR)

Elke: Wonder Woman

Ney Matogrosso: The Biography

Rational Mc’s: Surviving in Hell

Best Male Streamer (BR)


Alexandre Gaules


Jota Plays


Best Female Streamer (BR)

Camila Vieira (Kalera)

Diana Zambrozuski

Gabi Cattuzzo

Nicolle Merhy (Cherrygumms)

Sher Machado

Best channel/reveal creator (BR)

Folklore BR: A ​​New Vision

Mason’s Glove

Professor Noslen

Raphael Vicente


Best channel or content creator (BR)

Carol Moreira

Diva Depression

Young nerd



Best Podcast (BR)

ends of the universe

hand to hand

Modus Operandi


A Milkshake Named Wanda

Best Mesacast (BR)

Endless Science

Launch Braba Podcast

more than 8 minutes


Venus Podcast

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