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sandman premiered on Netflix last Friday and has to be one of the most watched productions this weekend, and you’ve already checked, you’ve probably come across several familiar faces in the cast, but do you remember where you know them?

The casting of the cast of the great series based on the comics from DC Comics was a detailed point of the production, as it was important to choose charismatic actors who had a certain appeal to the public.

Well, with the 10 episodes of the first season of sandman already released, and an exciting reception from critics and the general public, the mission related to the casting seems to have been accomplished.

But, if you still really don’t remember which other productions recognize the actors of sandmanwe refresh your memory in the topics below.

Tom Sturridge – Dream/Sandman

Tom Sturridge-sandman-cast
Tom Sturridge in “Effie Gray” (Image: Handout)

The protagonist of the cast of sandman is lived by the actor Tom Sturridge and it’s possible you remembered his face from the movies Mary Shelley, from Netflix, and from effie gray as the character’s romantic interest Dakota Fanning.

The actor also appears in the series Starz, sweetbitter.

Boyd Holbrook – Corinthian

Boyd Holbrook in “Narcos” (Image: Handout)

if you watched narcosknow that this is where you recognized the face of Corinthians.

Boyd Holbrook participated in the first two seasons of the Netflix series on drug trafficking as the character Steve Murphy. He also appeared in the movie Gone Girlbeside Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste – Death

Kirby Howell-Baptiste in “Cruella”. (Image: Disclosure)

The charismatic older sister of dream, deathis brought to light through the performance of Kirby Howell-Bapstitean actress who, among many things, acted as Elena Feltonn on the Serie Killing Eve.

The actress was also a striking face in the film. Cruella, and in the series The Good Place from Netflix.

Charles Dance – Roderick Burgess

Charles Dance sandman cast
Charles Dance in “Game of Throne”. (Image: Disclosure)

Like the occult magician who captures Dream in the first episode of sandmanthe actor Charles Dance is a veteran of the TV and film world, and can be remembered for several roles.

The most popular and current of them, however, is the horrible Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

who watched The Crown may also remember the actor for his role as the father of the Prince Phillip, Lord Louis Mountbatten, in the first two seasons of the series.

Gwendoline Christie – Lucifer

Gwendoline Christie in Game of Thrones. (Image: Disclosure)

Another remnant of game of Thrones present as a central character in sandman is the actress Gwendoline Christieeternal Brienne of Tarth of the epic HBO series.

For those who for some reason did not follow GOTbut is a fan of Star Wars, you can also meet the actress as Captain Phasma of the last trilogy of films in the saga.

David Thewlis – John Dee

David Thewlis in “Harry Potter” (Image: Handout)

Keeping his predilection for fantasy productions, the actor David Thewlis gives life to John Deethe crazy villain of the new Netflix series.

Surely you know where you come from Thewlis, but in case you gave him a blank, we remember that he gave life to the Professor Lupine in the movies of Harry Potter.

The actor also played the god of war, ares in the movie Wonder Woman from DC.

Joely Richardson – Ethel Cripps

Joely Richardson as in “The Tudors” (Image: Handout)

Ethel Cripps, mother of John Dee in the series is lived by Joely Richardsonactress best known for her role in the series aesthetics.

She is also remembered for her role as Çatherine parr on the Serie The Tudorsand for his participation in the film teen, Vampire Academy: Kiss of Shadows.

Jenna Coleman – Johanna Constantine

JennaColeman cast sandman
Jenna Coleman in the series “Doctor Who”. (Image: Disclosure)

the substitute of John Constantine on the Serie, Johanna Constantine is played by the British actress Jenna Colemanbut known for her character Clara Oswald from the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

The actress also has the lead role in the series. Victoriaproduction about the life of the monarch of the United Kingdom, which is not so popular in Brazil.

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And you, already checked sandman on Netflix? What do you think of the series and its cast?

Tell us here in the comments.

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