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Iran Ferreira, the "Mason's Glove" (Photo: Playback/YouTube)
Iran Ferreira, the “Bricklayer’s Glove” (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

After several controversies with his former manager, Allan Jesus, influencer Iran Ferreira, popularly known as Luva de Pedreiro, ended up closing a partnership with former futsal player Falcão, who is now responsible for managing his career.

And, since then, things have changed for the boy, who, in addition to appearing happier on social media, begins to seal some important partnerships, such as with Amazon and more recently, with Adidas.

Partnership with Adidas brings restrictions to Luva

However, despite being extremely beneficial, the partnership with Adidas also brings some restrictions to Iran, which is now prohibited from wearing clothing made by other brands, such as Nike or Puma.

In other words, Luva is prohibited from wearing the shirt of Vasco, his club of heart, in addition to not being able to use the shirt of the Brazilian and Portugal teams, of his idols Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the shirt for United, CR7’s current club, is made by Adidas and as a result, the boy will be able to use it, despite the athlete being quoted to leave the club. However, even with these restrictions, Adidas has been providing great things for Luva, who in an interview, was extremely happy with the partnership:

Just thank you for these last few days. I came to know Portugal and LaLiga with my parents, I signed with Adidas, I’m going to the World Cup, Champions League, and the main headquarters of Adidas in Germany.

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